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Stories about life: Paula cooper US youngest death row inmate

Stories and News No. 757

In those days, when the Republican Nebraska has abolished the death penalty, Paula Cooper, the US youngest death row inmate for the murder of an elderly teacher, has died. She was the sixteen years old girl who saw her death sentence commuted to 60 years and then 28 for good behavior, thanks to a significant international support.
She committed suicide after two years of freedom

Once upon a time there were ‘those who were right’.
They still are.
By the way, we all are.
Because everyone, deeply down, thinks to be right.

Those who now reproach that death was what she then deserved.
The woman who once was a teenager.
Yes, teenager, but still murderess.
And when you was it at the time, so you will be forever.
Both teenager.
And murderess.
You might to image redemptive futures and compensation of an unexpected virtuous act.
Guilt is guilt.
Even if it was a still warm blood on your hands, or screaming sadistic ghost inside the pillow.
It makes no difference.
For ‘those who were right’.
That still are, especially now.
All, in fact.

Like those who many came on the uncomfortable balance plate.
Especially in the beginning, when the weight makes you more vulnerable than influential.
But today, more than all today, they read the final proof in the insane move.
The only inevitable human condemnation.
A never ignorable judge and a jury.
There, always sitting and at any time staring.
Even if they were whites or blacks, the ‘necessary’ color selection changes nothing.
Inside you.
They are right, they are all right, now.

Even those who now accuse each crack of the after, which cynically welcomes guilty lives that survived the guillotine.
And also the fatalist persons with the unlucky existences by birth.
Which it will never come out something good from.
Certainly not better than what had been decided for them.
They all are right, yes.

Those who now dedicate a thought to the victim of the murderer.
Who have never ceased to keep an eye and heart ceaselessly glued to the ripped life from the world by the inhumanity of the girl.
As if that might be enough to revive both.
Celebrating the former and torturing the latter ad libitum.

Once upon a time there were ‘those who are and were right’.
All, being honest.
Since all, if you think about it, think they have the truth in their pocket.
And because if they could write a story at their pleasure.
The only thing that would have really not changed the ending.
It is the 'necessary' or 'inhuman' death penalty...

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