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Stories about life: What is the main export in Africa

Stories and News No. 760

Last night in Accra, Ghana, a terrible explosion and an equally terrible fire in a service station caused a massacre of people who tried to escape the terrible torrential rains that flooded the streets.
At least 200 dead...

Once upon a time there were the natural resources.
Yes, those.
No, no, I am not speaking of the normal stuff.
The virgin water, I know.
Life pregnant ground and clear air, I see.
But I said other stuff.
The special one.
The one we live for.
The one we die for.
We are here.
Do not bother, we come.
Because only the rest of us may come to you.
To bring gifts.
That is The White Side Santa Claus Theorem, a necessary condition, never enough.
From above, coming down with the bag, means party and colors, smiles and quiet days for everybody.
On the contrary, even climbing with the bag over your shoulder and a thick beard on your face, we will not buy anything from you, because you have nothing to give us.
Riches, sure.
I understand, all bright and green substances.
But we come to you.
We have special stuff for you.
To make your normal life less normal.
Much less.
We carry an idea.
Just one.
To make your world similar to our own.
In order for the day you will come here and we will see you so familiar as we will finally be able to accept you.
We come, now, stay well seated.
You have metals, oil and gas.
We have thirsty cars.
And obliging oil stations.
At the end of the day, you will miss only one thing to be perfect.
Finishing the journey as we do.
With an absurd death in the flames of a gas pump...

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