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Stories about life: World first birth frozen ovary

Stories and News No. 761

News from Belgium: first world case for a so young patient, I read that a thirteen girl from Congo who had a ovary removed, at 27 years old became a mother thanks to her transplanted ovarian tissue.
A journey, a story.
14 years long...

Once upon a time there was you.
Mother, no.
Not then.
Not a hope, perhaps a dream.
Certainly a possibility.
Those you keep there, between hands folds, which everyone knows and claims to read better than you.
Ignoring what you will still write.
That is where I died.
That is where I was born.
Among what the conceited book tells.
And what you, my beloved reader, will hope.
I have traveled, since then I have traveled.
With a solitary memory overhead.
A single page.
Enclosed in a verse.
Filled by only one face.
A teenager, with the skin watered by wrong tears.
Because that is the most humanly mistaken script.
The one that destroys bridges to other lives.
Which are not you.
That is where I died.
That is where I was born.
With the inevitable conviction that the story was all there.
A clean break with no return.
We know, you and I, that this is the most popular tale.
Where someone would arrogate to himself the right to write it for us.
All must be so, there is no possibility to change destiny.
For the small lives in the world, on the scene by chance or accident.
And for those that are as little as not even fit in the frame.
The sky or everyone else bless the time.
That sometimes has the good taste to derail the merciless board.
Where the winner are anymore used to celebrate and who loses has stopped fighting for the same reason.
Down the towers, ladies and gentlemen, let us unhorse the knights and disarm the bishops.
Bow down and clap, kings and queens.
Because this time the award goes to pedestrians.
That is where we are dead.
That is where we were born.
Once upon a time there was me.
And you, Mom.
Let us start over where we left off from...

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