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Bear hunting Italy: to kill or not to kill

Stories and News No. 776

“Bears are too many and we must capture or kill them.”
This is the solution of the Trentino’s (North Italy region) government to solve the bears problem.
All according to the script...

Once upon there was the “too much”.
A very few notes must be written about the latter on the instructions manual of the modern human beings.
However, there is no answer for the following question: what should we do with the too much?
No one seems having taught our generation how to deal with it.
Sure, not that small bunch of people who has the honor, the privilege and the responsibility, rather than pride, presumption and arrogance to decide for the many.
By the way, we should never forgot that for the vast majority of the world the “too much” is something unreal.
A kind of mirage, to dream in the rare quiet nights.
Maybe you may find it between the desires of the most brave people, those ones with the absurd claim of searching for it.
The too much.
The rest of us, however, have simple and lace answers.
We used to imprison and kill it.
We like to burn and bury it under the carpet.
Made of land or memory, it does not matter.
Often we destroy it or it dies alone for solitude.
Sometimes we wait that it will spoil.
Then nature will do its job.
Read as well as the diabolical ability to turn putrid stuff in gold.
A skill that many have become experts of.
Then someone who has turned his dreams in gold comes.
Even myrrh or frankincense.
Anything is ok, look.
No more just dreams is perfect.
We see also this as “too much”.
Like a bear that looks for what the majority of mankind is still wishing.
Food and water.
Life, survival.
That's why when they are too much we just want them dead.
We used to do this with our fellow humans.
Let alone with the bears...

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