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Child studying in the lamplight of a restaurant: three rules of happy ending

Stories and News No. 775

The photo taken by a medical student, Joyce Torrefranca, depicting Daniel Cabrera, a 9 year old boy who does his homework in the Philippines under a street lamp, became viral on the web and now, thanks to donations received from all over the world, he will have guaranteed education, including a university scholarship.

You need three of them.
All three, otherwise the magic is not working.
And so the miracle.
As we used to say, it would take a miracle, those phrases that you mutter more for resignation than hope.
They are all fundamental, starting with the very first one.
It takes someone who brings the light.
Indeed, although only one light.
Small too, size does not matter.
We are happy of what will come, they say over there, which is never as far as it looks.
As a lamppost on a street.
The second is just as essential.
You need someone who will take advantage of that light.
With courage and dedication.
Dreaming of reproducing the brightness of dawn with a match.
And standing there, ever standing there.
Until it gets dark.
The third one, I do not want to offend the first two, is the most decisive.
It takes someone who will tell the story.
To as many people as possible.
Because somewhere there is always someone who will see.
The beauty that you saw...

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