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Global warming definition: they were so

Stories and News No. 774

That is how we are.
We are those of the effects, never causes.
We are strict to the point, I am not say who made it, but never asking why I did it.
It's hot and we blame the heat.
So, to warm up, if you let me spend this trivial pun.
But then we look around and the first scapegoat near our ranting becomes the one and only accountable enemy.
It's cold and the illusion of finishing the job is served at the table in the same way, albeit upside down.
We are so, let's face it.
We are those who rush to climb on the screamers bandwagon as soon as possible.
Because once we had the winner’s chariot, now the victory is all for the best howler’s blunder in the house.
Then there is the stranger, how can you not see it?
He is not next to you; observing facts with the naked eye is out of fashion.
Once we saw as truth what was being said on TV, preferably by noble anchormen and equally elegant studios of national networks.
Now we actually give the certainty license to a handful of likes bought on the web and as many fake visits.
And so we share the “truth”, until it is disproved.
Possibly by a voice supported by not less likes and subscribers.
But why there is a stranger is a word that never crosses the desk of the now abandoned office in our busy brain: the one where you should ask questions.
We are like that, do not deny it.
We are those who have no time to learn anything.
But we talk about it, aren’t we?
We share a lot of suggestive sentences and ironic pictures.
And if so many do, how can we stay out of the party?
As the rainbow profile.
We hope that anyone would think that we think.
Maybe risking to ask what is behind such great spread of homogeneity.
Driven by stale slogans of the past century.
Like the one that says if you try to change the world, the world will oppose you.
And if the latter is not resisting at all, far from it, what are you really doing to the world?
We are so, come on.
We are those who talk about everything.
All they up there vomit on us.
Never talking about us.
But it's not a problem.
Because it's okay.
There has been good so far.
And so it will go.
Until someone will say.
Not we are.
They were so.

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