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How racism is taught story

Stories and News No. 770

The alleged perpetrator of an abuse on a sixteen years old girl was arrested in Rome, Italy. He is a thirty-one man from the province of Cosenza, Calabria, a soldier of Defense Ministry, Navy.

If we were in a racist country.

If we were in a racist country, this equation would echo in the minds of many: the men from Calabria are all rapists.
Especially those from the province of Cosenza.
And automatically, in the same superficial cervical, should take the same association if a guy arrived on the public square stating: my name is Giuseppe, a name at random, and I am from Calabria.
What town? The citizens with the weak skull would ask.
The province of Cosenza, the man could answer.
And so here are the suspense, suspicious looks, easy convictions and isolation of the potential brute.
With all the suffering for him.

If we were in a racist country, as powerful the following conclusion should rebound: the soldiers are all rapists.
Especially those of the ministry of defense, Navy.
And therefore, in the same malleable head, equal consideration should be evident, when an ordinary person declared under the audience’s eyes: my name is Francesco, another fictitious name, and I am soldier.
What kind? The humans with crumbly intellect would ask.
Navy, he might respond.
And so here are the tension, the suspicious mutterings, the silent accusations and the safe removal of the criminal.
With all the unjust suffering for the innocent guy.

If we were in a racist country, as a sort of inevitable effect of cause this reasoning should spread: all those of the same nationality or job of the alleged aggressor are used to abuse women.

No... I made a mistake.
What careless, sorry.
So it would be if we were in a coherent country.
In a racist country all this occurs only with certain nationalities.
And skin colors

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