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Migrant on Channel Tunnel: where light is

Stories and News No. 773

A man died while traveling on board a freight shuttle in an attempt to reach Great Britain through the Channel Tunnel.

Many of us will not be there.
Few of us have already read it.
And maybe less have told it.
It is the story of the migrant on the tunnel.
One for all.
And all for us.
As the musketeers of survival, who with a cardboard sword against cold and indifference, ran with indomitable courage to save the only queen worthy of the name and her valuable jewels.
Read as well as a wife and an unknown number of children.
Left behind, somewhere.
The darkness is impenetrable for greedy eyes and no less thirsty hopes.
Fatigue’s weight is indecipherable.
And the possibilities of a favorable outcome are unreadable, as scarce they are.
But is this not the hero who should receive the best care?
Is not him the man who we should stand up for?
And is not this the case of trying to get to the end?
Of the story, obviously.
Because this tale has an end, and coincides with the death.
Of the tunnel.
Not the main character.
Otherwise, why would you wait for the sequel?
And if they might place someone else on the movie posters is not the same thing, come on.
How to tell a news about someone who dies hidden in a truck just to get to a land that, most likely, will prove even more inhospitable than the truck itself and expecting to convince us that he is a blond guy with blue eyes, gull wing eyebrows and a fashion t-shirt.
No, I will not make so gross mistakes.
This time I will be careful.
The migrant enters the tunnel without even blinking.
He just think, only for a split second, of those who he is risking everything for.
Those who are left behind.
However, their happiness is written ahead, as an indelible tattoo of clouds on a finally right sky.
For all.
The man goes through the tunnel.
Disrespectful of danger and confident of victory.
So he gets to the end.
Many of us will not be there.
Very few of us have already seen it.
And maybe fewer have narrated it.
The day when the migrant will come out of the darkness.
And will be there.
Where light is...

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