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Nicholas Winton Story Today

Stories and News No. 771

Once upon a time there was the story of Nicholas Winton.
Once upon a time there was the British Schindler.
And once upon a time there was the man who, between 1938 and 1939, saved 699 Jewish children from the concentration camps in Czechoslovakia.
As a kind of wonderful letters full of future he had the idea to send them by train in Great Britain to families found by himself.
Sir Nicholas died yesterday, the first of July, but his extraordinary act of heroism was discovered only in 1988, when his wife Greta found evidences in an old photo album.
And the meaning of the story is...
That the real heroes do not boast of their acts?
Perhaps, indeed, yes, it is likely.
But there are also other points of view, the story is rich and complex, and so is the protagonist.
That for this reason too studying the past history is important, because you can always find commendable examples of humanity and the spirit of brotherhood?
Sure, there is no doubt, we do not know everything.
However, stopping at this would be reductive, the matter requires further study.
That even in an incredibly horrible parenthesis of history as the Second World War there were pages of real life that illuminate the mankind’s path?
Yes, that's right, it's always good to remember this.
Nevertheless, if we had not insist in finding other ways we could be disrespectful towards the hero as the heroism.
That each one of us can make heroic acts, because super powers and a lot of money are not indispensable?
Yes, very true and acceptable, especially among young people.
Nonetheless, we might overlook something valuable if we had to close here.
That no one can save the world alone, as he could not succeed in his noble effort without the help of the families who welcomed the children?
That’s natural, it must be said, at all.
However, we would be hasty at this point if we had to put an end.
Maybe the problem is just behind this urgent need we have to see it on the screen as on the printed page, the last one.
The end.
Let’s try to ignore it and let’s see what happens.
There once was Nicholas Winton.
Once upon a time there was Nicholas Winton.
Once upon a time there was the British Schindler.
And once upon a time there was the person who saved almost 700 Jewish kids from the concentration camps.
But if the story is not over yet...
Here it is the other fundamental meaning, the missing one.
That somewhere out there, there are other Schindler’s who, in the silence of the world, save hundreds of lives, young or not, from certain death.
Heroes who we know nothing of.
And anyone of us could make the difference.
Just like the families who adopted the children of Nicholas...

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