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Stories and News of illusions and hopes

Stories and News No. 778

I am somewhat delusional, but I know it.
I am also someone who hopes, but do not think big.
I do not need much, really.
Look at those people who yell and rant against migrants in Quinto di Treviso and Casale San Nicola, in Italy.
They are creatures infinitely more deluded than myself and probably they have no more hopes.
And if you take away the odds-on tomorrow to humans, filling at the same time their head with delirious ravings, it is understandable that then they become convinced of being able to stop a tidal wave with a breath.
Because this is the design of their sad and foolish actions.
I do not speak of the present time, the burnt gifts and the bitter spectacle of a brutal intolerance that repeats itself in history.
In the past as in the future there is the answer: those who struggle to survive, really to survive, sooner or later will always prevail the mad along the way.
I know, I'm a little deluded being sometimes persuaded that words can somehow change things.
In fact, that's because I am one who hopes, but nothing exceptional.
I'll settle for little things, indeed.
These tiny stories thrown there, into the screaming world’s delirium.
To make the picture that I see every day more acceptable to my weary eyes.
Yes, I confess, I need glasses to read since a while.
I'm a little worried.
Because now I am going to take a break.
It always happens, every time.
I need to write, absorbing life and filling blank sheets.
It works as the lenses above.
It helps me to understand and understand myself.
See and see myself.
And the next moment I feel the irrepressible need to share.
Not seconding the latter at all, as when I was a boy.
I hope that the habit of asking myself if what I will throw in the sea is worth people’s time has established.
Time, here is the real wealth.
At the end of the day, I feel only compassion for those who have got even a few hours in their hands and decide to throw it away.
Burning it.
As the unhappy citizens of Quinto di Treviso and Casale San Nicola.
I am somewhat delusional, I know perfectly.
But I'm also someone who hopes, but do not image a paradise.
I would be satisfied with small stuff.
To see with my own eyes just a little fragment of the changes I've always dreamed of.
See you soon.


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