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Unidentified young girl dead: mystery and dignity

Stories and News No. 772

The mystery girl child found already dead in the United States has not yet been identified.
"She’s a beautiful child, and she deserves dignity here," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said, spreading the photos of the four years old girl.
The nameless girl…

Once upon a time there were the nameless.
Let’s restrict, a little story of a small page won’t be enough.
Let’s limit ourselves to the children.
Then it would be just as long.
But the characters are small, yet free from vain human complications and, perhaps, they will be happy of this terse but heartfelt hospitality.
There are many of them, just look up.
On the tearjerker photos of NGOs seeking solidarity.
And in the videos of the stars involved in a generous mood.
They are there, in front of churches and crowded stores, in the middle of the notable squares and along the walkways between a seat and the other of metropolitan life.
“Many are thieves,” some mumble, “of money and fake tenderness.”
But still virgin souls.
But still victims.
Of the entire world, wait to turn around, no one is excluded.
Children without a name.
Maybe they will have it as well, but who might claim to know?
They are still there, behind us, already on the next box of the big game.
They were, then.
They were the children of others.
Parents that we considered less worthy of respect and love, yes, let’s exaggerate.
Because wrong characters in the wrong story and annoying actors in a perfect scene.
Where everything must be clear.
White and blond.
Let’s expel the accursed fruit of fathers and mothers deviant from the easy story.
Ah, the easy story, how much we like it.
The simple words, good on one side and evil on the other.
And we watch, sedated by the illusion of being mere spectators.
So saved by every possible outcome.
Then someone comes out from nowhere and drags us in, indeed, he does not even need to do that.
He merely whispers a few centimeters from us.
I'm here.
Next to you.
So it means that you are too.
Children without a name.
They do not know ours.
And they do not care.
When they are asking our attention...

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