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What Merkel told Palestinian child refugee to make her cry: forgive us

Stories and News No. 777

"I understand, you're very nice, but in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon there are thousands and thousands of people and we cannot welcome all."
Words and music by Angela Merkel to a young girl, a Palestinian refugee, who a moment before said she does not know if she will remain in Germany, expressing also her own discomfort at seeing her peers living their lives.
Unlike her.
Then the tears arrived and everything froze...

Forgive us.
Forgive us all of you, watching from afar.
Or close, although it makes no difference to us.
It is not a personal matter.
If we can no longer see.
You, us, me.
Them, all.
Yet the words abound and evade without interruption.
As we cannot welcome all.
Or everyone must stay in his country.
Italy to the Italians, Germans to Germans and France to the French.
Europe for the Europeans.
And Africa to Africans...
Well, maybe we should remove the latter, otherwise you would never have had any reason to exist in our delusional nightmares.
Forgive us, since we speak and write as we think: with a blindfolded heart and a chained belly.
Since immemorial time we are no more used to us, you, me.
Them, all.
And every possible conjugation of human existence.
That is a fraud, it is true.
Vulgar words and mixtures of the latter travel profusely in a fair-minded, from the influential news and the prestigious lips to less noble creature on the way, but sooner or later you'll have to learn that these are illusory as inert melodies.
As the ringing of the phone and the creak of the door, the sizzle of the coffee pot on the stove and the trampling of important heels, even hard breathing and a laughter.
It seems human stuff, but it is not sure at all if there is still behind.
Human stuff.
That's why when we meet a face wet by tears, eyes moist by real pain and a voice choked up by the same suffering, the horrid Ferris wheel stops.
We ask your forgiveness.
We always talked so much about you.
But the truth is that we do not have the faintest idea of what it means.
To be you…

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