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The refugee from the sea and the man on the shore

Stories and News No. 779 A man emerges from the sea. A few steps and he is on the land. Yes, a few steps. Because this is the true distance. Another man is coming on the shore. From the inside. In an instant they are close. Sure, instant. Because this is the time that really matters. "Who are you?" the latter asks. "I am a refugee." "Please to meet you", the other replies. "Please to meet you? Is this a joke?" "No, it is not. Why do you ask me that?" "Because I never thought that..." "Look, I stop you immediately, I know what you mean. Maybe you are thinking that this is not your land, that it belongs to us, but it's a lie. I don’t know where you has read or heard about it, but we are all squatters, here, from birth, by definition. Our so-called nations are built on stolen lands, on the extermination of the natives, on the exploitation of natural resources that we can only enjoy in a high-definition v