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Death row stories: the first woman and the useless words

Stories and News No. 792 Despite recent pope’s plea against the death penalty in the US, as many important newspapers wrote , the first woman after 70 years was executed by lethal injection in the state of Georgia. Kelly Renee Gissendaner was accused of the murder of her husband, actually killed by her lover. Clemency bid by her children nothing got too... Words are useless. Alone. They are alone. Every word. You might write and tell. Shouting to the crowd and muttering to yourself that you have the big, beautiful and profound ones. Look, to avoid misunderstandings and against my own interest, I clarify it just now: so are the words you are reading here. Worthless phrases. You will stop here and I will understand. You're right, you had your reasons, we have all reason, if you think about it. The fact is that a murder that becomes storytelling for the wide screen, like a love that contradicts the principles of the clearly established moral, is never stuff for a few

Racism stories: Black man in wheelchair

Stories and News No. 791 I read that yet another African American was executed by US police. This time the victim was a young man on a wheelchair and again the discussion moves on the usual question: was he armed or not? Of course he was. Here is the confession of the agent... Your Honor, I confess. The relatives of the dead are right. The victim had no gun . Yet he was armed, I swear. And I knew I had to shoot. Rifle ? No, no rifle, I would say so, otherwise. I know the weapons, I know them all, because they taught me well. I was careful. I studied and rehearsed with commitment. By the way, it does not take a genius to get an A, today. Because lessons are everywhere. And everybody is a teacher. Knife , you say? Look: no blades, so we exclude a lot and we may move forward. A bomb ? Did I hear right? Did you say bomb? Well, believe me: I would have liked so. It would have been easier. For me and for you, especially the jury. Within seconds the story would h

Emissions scandal not yet discovered

Stories and News No. 790 Yes I know. I know that the day when he will reveal it will come. Indeed, he will probably be a she . Or maybe they'll work together . Well, I am not talking about cars . I refer to the emissions scandal confused between words that as incessant rain are falling on our lives. Without umbrella . Another invention to be expected, this one, a saving shelter that protects the bare skin, killing the virus that makes all misshapen and disproportionate. Starting with the color . Of that same skin . The words that pollute and harm the body are stubborn and seemingly inoffensive. They are camouflaged and, above all, have learned over time the elixir of life: adaptation . Nothing very original, all right, but I am not talking about living creatures. The main theme is not the evolution , because there is no progress, here. Only someone or something that would do anything to survive. The hypocrite good words . Protected by sacred rights ready to be b

Kiribati climate change: Ioane Teitiota and family to be deported

Stories and News No. 789 From real to fake and back. Forward. Rewind and again. Maybe that's how these pages work and so do I. As a kind of tennis ball hit from both sides of the court, never indulging on the racket strings, falling trapped like a prey on the spider’s web. Maybe that's the only way for the ball to still exist. So it happens that I already told two years ago the true story of the first climate refugee on earth. Then, since Teitiota Ioane and his family have just been expelled from New Zealand to return to Kiribati , where because of climate change and the consequent sea rising are likely to disappear, I just have no choice. That telling the false story... Once upon a time there were a movie and only two spectators. A movie… Let's say a short narrative from father to son. The former pushes the play button, if that is what the abstruse inscription on it indicates. Fade from black to white. Cheerful and gratifying intro music. A clear blue sk

Gender Theory Conspiracy and Alien Invasion: the true story

Stories and News No. 788 I read that in my country many fables are spreading about the alleged danger of the so-called Gender Theory . Nothing but fables. Here is the true story... The Gender Theory Conspiracy exists. Just as there are the Evil Aliens Invasion . And it is scary, my friends. The best science fiction’s storytellers were nothing but extraordinary clairvoyants disguised as lies pushers . The extraterrestrials exist and are scary because they are pervaded by an unspeakable and immeasurable cruelty. If only compared with a peaceful and tolerant species like us. The monsters come from the Gender planet, so far nothing new, and they are called Genderians or just Genders . Indeed, I prefer Genderins , because they are small and treacherous. However, despite the small size, do not be fooled. The invasion plan of Genderins is ruthless and ingenious. They thought well, these terrible beings: where could we go to bother these guys? Where we can do more damage an

Racism stories: Ahmed Mohamed’s clock

Stories and News No. 787 In a Texas school a 14-year-old named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing to class a homemade digital clock he built, mistaken for a bomb... Somewhere there is a drawer. I have no idea how large it is. And I have even less of how many things are there. Things . Made of uniqueness and wonder. Call them inventions . Call them normal stuff, for those who are not and never will be trivial. Call them also bombs . Because even if you will strive to turn off the love for the change of the one making fly everyone else, you will not get another result. That makes the flame on the wick. Bigger. Much bigger. As long as no one will be able to pretend it does not exist. There are of course time travel machines by people like Ahmed, full speed souls, only “guilty” to kneel at the side of the inadmissible sky. But there are also the others in the drawer, resting. Dreaming. Us . There is a mirror that reflects only repressed emotions and invincible

Moral stories: global warming and other stories

Stories and News No. 786 In order to stimulate public discussion on the issue of climate change photographer Kerstin Langenberger posted a shot stolen on Svalbard islands, in the Arctic Ocean, North Pole, which has become viral ... What can I say? A white bear . A hungry and suffering white bear. A skinny white bear in trouble ... Well, let’s begin to clean the icebergs , as we polar bears used to say. What can I say? For your information I am a lady . Proudly female. And regarding the reasons for my anything but curvy profile, are you convinced that truth is precisely what you are interested of? Is the real answer what you ask for? I imagine a lot of eyes, now. Watching. Always in the eye that has already seen, indeed, because how many of you might claim to have looked closely at a white bear? What can I say? Pairs of eyes , instead of just eyes , should be more exact, with all my heartfelt consideration for the blind in one eye. Pairs of eyes that I imagine admiri

Migrants in Hungary and Macedonia: I make walls

Stories and News No. 785 I make walls. I make walls and I give them for free. Call me and I solve your problem. In Hungary and now also in Macedonia want to stop migrants with a wall. Why you have not thought about me? Yet I believed to have proven to be expert. Okay, okay, I'm not a conventional one, it is clear. If you are expecting the classic creator of walls, commonly called mason, with trowel and plumb, we are off the road. That is old stuff. Well, it still works, but I am 2.0, or better, infinite-dot-nothing, but should be read in reverse, meaning that from nothing I watch out in search of infinity. I do walls, walls that last, movable ones, in short, sharable, reusable, but preferably quotable. We said I am new and so I do not use the classic brick. In place of the well-known block of stone and lime here's the pieces of the future. Words. I think you already got it. A wall of words is what you need, trembling crowds in Hungary and each trench of the

Moral stories: why he is new

Stories and News No. 784 It seems that in a cave near Johannesburg, South Africa, a group of scientists have found more than 1,500 remains of bones of individuals belonging to a new species. Here is an exclusive press release by the team: Dear people, We made the discovery of the century. What am I saying? More than that, let’s exaggerate this time because the occasion requires it. This is the greatest exploit of all time, no jokes. We found a new species. It seems to be one of us, but we cannot be so sure. Let's just say that none of us would risk a single fragment of the fingertip, but we're not here to play, after all. The moment is solemn, gosh. Because this new species, which may be one of us but wait to say it, is really new. Looking at the fossils and after a careful spectrographic analysis of the longitudinal enzymes through cuneiform catheters - it is useless explain this, we are scientists, not you, we understand a lot of the little guy. Yes, you got

Diversity stories: Italy says yes to gay marriage

Stories and News No. 783 The EU Parliament asked nine Member States, including Italy, to "consider the possibility of offering" same-sex couples legal institutions such as "cohabitation, registered partnership and marriage. " From the news to the story... Yes. I say yes. I do. And let’s suppose. Let's suppose some things, listing them with desirable consistency, despite the excitement of the moment. Let's say I wanted to marry. Let’s imagine that this was the marriage. Mine. A commitment, of course, a promise, okay, the beginning of a public union in the presence of the community, I agree. Partaking with the best feelings and intentions. But let’s say also that it was nothing more than enshrining something was there before . And that, hopefully, will be present as well after . The love’s depth that makes the two as one . And just as the mutual respect’s maturity that allows the two to remain so, despite the one . Like an accomplished and

Child victims of war and the subjects of the remaining school

Stories and News No. 781 According to UNICEF, the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Sudan deprived of education 13.7 million children... One day, normal, but different. It’s morning. Very soon, much earlier when you should look for light. There is one of them that gets up from the place he may call bed. He rubs his eyes. In vain. Because that is all true. Dream and nightmare effortlessly mingle, because no one ever taught the difference. This is the remaining school. Essential, frugal of advices, but it has its subjects. Mathematics is always the most difficult, even in the page to quickly turn in the great book of worldly things. Numeracy is learned very early and the teachers are many. Everyone, let's say. All feel entitled to interrogate you, to put you to the test. It’s an examination without end. This is war, a test that has a very clear start time, written on the blackboard in large letters, so unwieldy, that there is no room for anything. Let alone

Czech police mark refugees with numbers: Jews and Nazis in the future

Stories and News No.  780 Let’s suppose this is what it is. Let's assume that the story of migrants marked in the Czech Republic as it was for Jews in the death camps . That's right, let’s say that the this is what refugees are living today. A Holocaust . Then let’s blow the clock with every particle of breath we retain in the chest for the last minute goal and for happy parties. All together now. Then, let’s imagine what people will say and do, one day. As it was for the Jews. Photos and movies will be suitably old. Because as unfortunately it happens, the worst horror shows defined shapes only when we observed it there . Back there . In the realm that was . As a result, most of the audience will feel horrified. How could they do this, then? How could this happen? How can you do this to your fellows? Of course, you will also hear the giddy guy, suffering among other things from an unbearable loneliness of the ego, who will scream ghostly justifications. Tr