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Racism stories: Black man in wheelchair

Stories and News No. 791

I read that yet another African American was executed by US police. This time the victim was a young man on a wheelchair and again the discussion moves on the usual question: was he armed or not?
Of course he was.
Here is the confession of the agent...

Your Honor,
I confess.
The relatives of the dead are right.
The victim had no gun.
Yet he was armed, I swear.
And I knew I had to shoot.
No, no rifle, I would say so, otherwise.
I know the weapons, I know them all, because they taught me well.
I was careful.
I studied and rehearsed with commitment.
By the way, it does not take a genius to get an A, today.
Because lessons are everywhere.
And everybody is a teacher.
Knife, you say?
Look: no blades, so we exclude a lot and we may move forward.
A bomb?
Did I hear right? Did you say bomb?
Well, believe me: I would have liked so.
It would have been easier.
For me and for you, especially the jury.
Within seconds the story would have died even before being read.
Only with a stickler slow motion you would have time to watch me pulling the trigger, and then maybe linger on old-fashioned stuff.
As they called them? Ah, “the reasons behind the facts”.
Please, Your Honor, no joking.
No bow and arrows, let’s be serious.
We already exterminated those people on our arrival.
What did you say? A rock?
What do you mean?
You mean... you mean a stone?
Forgive the laughter, Your Honor, but this is even more ridiculous than the archer’s thing.
Only a fool searching for lies would believe that the launch of a stone can justify a gunshot.
Unless that stone is not made by the same land which you live or die for, and the border between the two ways is getting sharper day after day.
Listen, I will not steal any more time to you all.
I do not want to steal anything, because I am on the good side of the river.
I shot and this is not in question.
The man had no gun, knife and explosives of any kind.
But he was armed and that too is a fact.
Because I know all of the weapons and I learned from the best.
We all.
What weapon, Your Honor?
The most dangerous ever told in the last hundred years.
The color of the skin

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