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Czech police mark refugees with numbers: Jews and Nazis in the future

Stories and News No.  780

Let’s suppose this is what it is.
Let's assume that the story of migrants marked in the Czech Republic as it was for Jews in the death camps.
That's right, let’s say that the this is what refugees are living today.
A Holocaust.
Then let’s blow the clock with every particle of breath we retain in the chest for the last minute goal and for happy parties.
All together now.
Then, let’s imagine what people will say and do, one day.
As it was for the Jews.
Photos and movies will be suitably old.
Because as unfortunately it happens, the worst horror shows defined shapes only when we observed it there.
Back there.
In the realm that was.
As a result, most of the audience will feel horrified.
How could they do this, then?
How could this happen?
How can you do this to your fellows?

Of course, you will also hear the giddy guy, suffering among other things from an unbearable loneliness of the ego, who will scream ghostly justifications.
Trying to humanize the inhuman act.
There are and there will always be confused voices squawking.
There are live, let alone at a distance of time.
So, after having crystallized the terrible stain confined to the past, we will start to celebrate everything to be celebrated.
Many awards and plaques will shine for the refugees survived.
Streets names and paintings in homage to the migrant souls.
Conferences and round tables will be passionate about the tragedies of the sea.
And eminent professors will feel voted admonishing the young minds.
Never again, that will be the meaning of the warning.
Look and understand, so that it will be never again.
Many novels will be written.
As many will be published.
Obviously, readers will love the first-person stories, narrated with the remaining blood.
After the storm.
And then great movies will come.
You'll see a lot of them.
A real hunt for lost memories will start, searching for the live testimony. Second hand, and even third will be fine, enough for the large audience.
United by the righteous feelings before the shame of history.
Empathy for the victims.
And aversion to executioners.
It’s a classic.
The human people need time.
To prove to be human.
Anyway, a fundamental question remains unresolved.
How much alive flesh we still need to scratch with our idiocy?
That is, how many times this frightening show will go again on stage so we should be convinced that, in any era we live, none of us is only a spectator?

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