Friday, September 4, 2015

Drowned Syrian boy picture in the infinite worlds

Stories and News No. 782

I know one thing.
I know only that.
And it is enough for me.

I know there is a world where a three-year-old named Aylan is found dead on a beach.
He is photographed.
And the horrible design goes around the same world.
I know that there is another world where the child is not dead, he is just resting after carefree diving and cavorting in the waves.
He loves bathing suit, but he is ever in a hurry to enter the sea and because he is an anarchist and eccentric child.
As all children should be.
In another world Aylan just fainted because lately he ate little.
But today he ate and that's what really matters.
In yet another world the child is still dead, but then raises immediately, because on that planet the end of life is a nature’s trick.
But life is not, lucky them.
In another world Aylan is not a child but a robot tested by scientists to see what one day could happen if governments will favor the economic interests at the expense of human rights.
Enlightening test, indeed.
In a world we are all crazy, suffering of constant hallucinations.
So we often see crazy things, an only three years dead life on a beach as millions of children risking the same fate.
In another world Aylan is only a character in a movie.
Dramatic film, this is certain, well too much, and to lighten the movie at the end of the latter there is a sequence of several bloopers made during filming, with the young actor in serious difficulty to stop laughing, whining or doing what he wants.
Being a child, in fact.
In a world he is sleeping - I could not miss this, and he is dreaming us looking at his picture, but the truth is that we are asleep too and we are in a nightmare. Then we wake up and we are all wet on a beach, with clothes impregnated with salt and sand, confused, cold.
And happy.
Because it was just a beautiful nightmare.
In another world there is a time machine, and then we all return to the exact moment when the choice was made leading to the death of a three years child on a beach and... and yes, no one of us is excluded.
In another world the magic of eyes exists and if we all look at a picture and together we think the same thing and above all we believe in the magic we can rewrite history.
Then we cannot photograph it again, but we can tell how we put things right.
In another world Aylan is me.
Except that nobody knows.
If I am dead or alive.
In another world he is you who read these words.
Except that nobody knows.
If you're going to die soon.
Or not.
In my favorite world among all Aylan is alive and all others died.
But since he does not like to be alone he invents us.
And I am sure that he will paint us a lot better than what we really are.
In all other worlds.

I know one thing.
I just know that.
But it is enough.
I know there are infinite worlds out there.
It is up to us, all of us, to decide where we want to live.
In the future.

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