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Emissions scandal not yet discovered

Stories and News No. 790

Yes I know.
I know that the day when he will reveal it will come.
Indeed, he will probably be a she.
Or maybe they'll work together.
Well, I am not talking about cars.
I refer to the emissions scandal confused between words that as incessant rain are falling on our lives.
Without umbrella.
Another invention to be expected, this one, a saving shelter that protects the bare skin, killing the virus that makes all misshapen and disproportionate.
Starting with the color.
Of that same skin.
The words that pollute and harm the body are stubborn and seemingly inoffensive.
They are camouflaged and, above all, have learned over time the elixir of life: adaptation.
Nothing very original, all right, but I am not talking about living creatures.
The main theme is not the evolution, because there is no progress, here.
Only someone or something that would do anything to survive.
The hypocrite good words.
Protected by sacred rights ready to be brought in for purpose, as guaranteed by freedom of insulting in the partly-free countries.
Read as well as the unpunished part’s privilege of offending the chained one.
But when the words prove the audacity even to imagine a context outside of any formal law, here is the “guilty” writer Erri De Luca.
Because the words are misplaced only when they really are.
Misplaced. Out of time and space. More than ever out of the game.
Where, maybe, some truths are.
So, at the end of all, as for the German Job of the liar software that deceives gas controls, we are more or less consenting visitors of a large, bright and shrill playground.
Yet, I know.
I know that time will come.
When likely she, or she will be a he, maybe together, will disassemble the circus showing that hidden charlatan behind the veil, woven by words unworthy of the name.
And as in The Wizard of Oz, courage, heart and brain will be gifts for the heroes.
In fact, to be honest, the latter will win because they have always had.
We will find them…

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