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Gender Theory Conspiracy and Alien Invasion: the true story

Stories and News No. 788

I read that in my country many fables are spreading about the alleged danger of the so-called Gender Theory.
Nothing but fables.
Here is the true story...

The Gender Theory Conspiracy exists.
Just as there are the Evil Aliens Invasion.
And it is scary, my friends.
The best science fiction’s storytellers were nothing but extraordinary clairvoyants disguised as lies pushers.
The extraterrestrials exist and are scary because they are pervaded by an unspeakable and immeasurable cruelty.
If only compared with a peaceful and tolerant species like us.
The monsters come from the Gender planet, so far nothing new, and they are called Genderians or just Genders.
Indeed, I prefer Genderins, because they are small and treacherous.
However, despite the small size, do not be fooled.
The invasion plan of Genderins is ruthless and ingenious.
They thought well, these terrible beings: where could we go to bother these guys?
Where we can do more damage and at the same time infiltrate like snakes?
Snakes from Pluto, it is obvious that they are not like ours, believe me.
Otherwise, when you will see a snake doing stunts with the skate board, let me know.
In what context, I was saying, we can pretend to be concerned for the human education and instead earn some extra demented ear?
The school, that's what they chose.
Hitting there where begins the road of the most fragile among the souls, there seems to be written in the Manual of the perfect Genderin.
Nevertheless, the rest of the plan is further terrifying, dear friends who rightly fear the deviated and immoral relativism that threatens our lives.
Well, brace yourselves.
Entered the school the Genderins will attack the helpless victims and once crossed the eyeballs is too late.
The symptoms are clear, alas.
The unfortunate persons show from the beginning a frightening confusion about their identity.
The victims do not know whether they are male or female.
But this would be only the surface of the problem.
The people affected from Genderite - the name of the disease is obvious - do not know what to be human means.
They have no idea what to be alive means.
And they do not know the difference between being free.
Or less.
They show total unconsciousness of what their rights are.
Let alone the duties.
They are no longer able to recognize their own kind.
As similar.
Never equal.
But above all, they completely forget the most important question: who am I to claim to have the truth in my pocket?
Nevertheless, everything is fine, now.
It seems, in fact, that once they have fully understood where they landed, the Genderins quickly reached the ships and went home.
Fairly sad, among other things.
Because, apart from that thing of male and female, they realized that all the rest…
We had already done by ourselves.

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