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Diversity stories: Italy says yes to gay marriage

Stories and News No. 783

The EU Parliament asked nine Member States, including Italy, to "consider the possibility of offering" same-sex couples legal institutions such as "cohabitation, registered partnership and marriage. "
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I say yes.
I do.
And let’s suppose.
Let's suppose some things, listing them with desirable consistency, despite the excitement of the moment.
Let's say I wanted to marry.
Let’s imagine that this was the marriage.
A commitment, of course, a promise, okay, the beginning of a public union in the presence of the community, I agree.
Partaking with the best feelings and intentions.
But let’s say also that it was nothing more than enshrining something was there before.
And that, hopefully, will be present as well after.
The love’s depth that makes the two as one.
And just as the mutual respect’s maturity that allows the two to remain so, despite the one.
Like an accomplished and precise picture in the colors as in the forms.
Well, it will enjoy of the wedding frame as a gift that lights the beauty.
Of before and after.
Then, on this path, let’s figure that marriage is like garnishing an already delicious cake.
And as a birthday party where the guests really make the difference, rather than the presents and the cake itself.
Let’s say the marriage is what we really feel making love with someone we love: the essence of the most intimate of dances. Never where you are, what is the soundtrack and the quality of the fabric sheets.
And let’s image that marriage is like a mother helping her son to wear the prettiest suit on earth. None of us could dissuade her from knowing that the wonder is and will always be in those eyes lost in hers.
In all these cases and others to come, the perfection, or the dream of the latter, was there before.
And, who knows, maybe sometimes it will live after.
That's why the day when my country will say yes to gay marriage all will be already finished.
The guests will be at home.
And there will be no echo of the music.
Meanwhile, today, me, Italy.
I love my partner.
And I say yes.
I do…

Italy and...

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