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Migrants in Hungary and Macedonia: I make walls

Stories and News No. 785

I make walls.
I make walls and I give them for free.
Call me and I solve your problem.
In Hungary and now also in Macedonia want to stop migrants with a wall.
Why you have not thought about me?
Yet I believed to have proven to be expert.
Okay, okay, I'm not a conventional one, it is clear.
If you are expecting the classic creator of walls, commonly called mason, with trowel and plumb, we are off the road.
That is old stuff.
Well, it still works, but I am 2.0, or better, infinite-dot-nothing, but should be read in reverse, meaning that from nothing I watch out in search of infinity.
I do walls, walls that last, movable ones, in short, sharable, reusable, but preferably quotable.
We said I am new and so I do not use the classic brick.
In place of the well-known block of stone and lime here's the pieces of the future.
I think you already got it.
A wall of words is what you need, trembling crowds in Hungary and each trench of the planet.
A reassuring and solid fence interwoven by good phrases but also crazy adjectives, , figures of speech but also just chaotic paragraphs, daring similarities and even indigestible salads of allusions, which I apologize of.
Sorry, but sometimes my fingers lose their heads, the head loses the heart and the heart believes to be the belly and vice versa.
But the best, of course.
My walls run as long as you want it to last.
In stubborn memories and naughty dreams.
In the part of you that you have not yet sold.
Here is the sore point, estimated public.
My walls do not stop people, do not truncate the breath in half, do not interrupt the indispensable narrative even to give space to the new super-equipped car.
The storytelling walls allow the passage to everything and everyone.
But I promise you one thing.
Indeed, it is what I hope with all my might.
Every day, more than ever now.
That who will be over, after, maybe not right away, will surely become a different person.
And perhaps happier...

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