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Moral stories: global warming and other stories

Stories and News No. 786

In order to stimulate public discussion on the issue of climate change photographer Kerstin Langenberger posted a shot stolen on Svalbard islands, in the Arctic Ocean, North Pole, which has become viral...

What can I say?
A white bear.
A hungry and suffering white bear.
A skinny white bear in trouble...
Well, let’s begin to clean the icebergs, as we polar bears used to say.
What can I say? For your information I am a lady.
Proudly female.
And regarding the reasons for my anything but curvy profile, are you convinced that truth is precisely what you are interested of?
Is the real answer what you ask for?
I imagine a lot of eyes, now.
Always in the eye that has already seen, indeed, because how many of you might claim to have looked closely at a white bear?
What can I say? Pairs of eyes, instead of just eyes, should be more exact, with all my heartfelt consideration for the blind in one eye.
Pairs of eyes that I imagine admiring me.
Sharing and commenting randomly.
I knew.
I knew a long ago that before others narratives everyone chooses the preferable caption.
Even where it is already there, perhaps by an overestimate person as the eyewitness is.
What can I say? Many like to scribble the rest to write what goes through their cervix.
Yet another hobby by the smart passing human.
As the well-known polar motto says: human, he is smart finding acceptable reason to turn his head the soon is possible.
About the passing... well, you do not need a bear, indeed, a white lady bear to understand that continuing on the already traced path your contract is definitely completed, on this earth.
So, let’s go with the kaleidoscope of simple solutions.
The polar bear is thin because it is ill.
Or it is just decrepit and no longer able to obtain food.
It lost all teeth because obstinate with a thawed giant cob... no, this is not good, it leads to the global warming.
The bear is incredibly skinny because obsessed by a huge gray whale’s rib.
The bear is just following a diet or even the picture has been manipulated with photo editing, in fact the animal is obese.
Even better: the polar bear is starving because is celebrating Ramadan, so we can also claim once again the Muslims theme.
Or the animal bravely escaped from the clutches of the Isis.
Indeed, here is the best: it is a white bear, so pure, one of ours, victim of those migrant black and bad penguins who take all the food. And many say we are racists when we want to first think of our polar white bears instead of illegal immigrants who come from the south pole.
What can I say? How the penguins will freely cross the entire human world from pole to pole is really a mystery.
In short, the mother of easy and facilitating explanations is perpetually pregnant.
Nevertheless, the only offspring who will lead to the maze’s exit, as a possible salvation from climate murder will hardly see light.
Meanwhile myself and many others like me do what they can to survive.
To you…

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