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Stories about life: the most important before

Stories and News No. 804

In the US, while his father slept in his own bed, a two years old child died after accidentally shot himself with the dad’s gun.
This story is for him, for it.
And especially for you...

Once upon a time there was a “before”.
The first and more important one.
There is always.
There was, alas.
Before you pulled the trigger? Yes, maybe.
Thanks to a simple thought, in the form of the memory of a precious admonition.
Do not touch, do not touch it.
Is this the most important? No, let’s try, be brave, don’t be satisfied.
Before opening Dad’s drawer? Perhaps, it could be.
The above thought, but also a blessed distraction.
A melody behind, a more interesting game or just getting back.
Exactly what you were doing.
It is flawless, clear, smooth as the slide at the park.
Among all, is this the most important? It does not seem, let's move on.
Before entering your parents room?
That is, before you know that it is there, in their room?
Who knows, it might work.
Depriving the vulnerable memory of a poisonous information, uncomfortable everywhere.
Let alone between walls of butter and unconditional trust in all raining from above, as well as the wonderful two which everything comes from.
Let alone you.
All right, my little one, but is this the most important “before”?
On paper, but the real world is not just pages and ink.
Before you understand what it is?
Or maybe not a “before”, rather a salvific “after”?
After you fully understand what it is?
A gun?
It will still pollute the fragile waters back there, after your curious eyes, but gaining a weapon loaded with a precocious knowledge.
To guard against another one.
So that’s it?
The most important “before” is an “after”?
I would like, dear, seriously.
It would be amazing and the story would benefit.
However, it does not fit and that is a sin.
Because the error lies in the main character, the only accountable for this sad story.
We should not look between your “before’s”, but in those of your father.
And the most important among many would be evident as a discordant note in a perfect solo.
Before deluding ourselves that bending prone at her majesty the fear will keep us away from our death.
And from those we love…

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