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Gender equality stories: the perfect school

Stories and News No. 805

Once upon a time there was the perfect school.
It was perfect because had banished once and for all any trace of “gender confusion”.
In the perfect school there was the perfect principal.
So, in the perfect school with the perfect principal - no room for modesty, they had decided to hire him, the perfect teacher.
That is, this was his dream, and after a heated succession of talks he was chosen among many.
Eager to be such.
After receiving a formal good luck by the perfect principal, the perfect teacher came into the perfect class of the perfect school.
The perfect class, at first glance, appeared to be as many more.
The desks, the little chairs, the blackboard and the teaching post.
And then they were there.
The fragile incomplete creatures, but grown and well selected to be perfect.
"Teacher," a girl child said after the man had just finished to present himself. "Can you tell us a story?"
"Gladly," he said, happy to start with a good tale his first lessons in the perfect class of the perfect school.
"I will tell you Snow White..."
"You cannot," she interrupted him.
"Why not?"
"With the seven dwarfs, all boys, who live together, and then adopt a child as well..."
"True," the perfect teacher said. "I never thought about... then I will tell you Cinderella..."
"No way!" Another child shouted.
"Sure," he replied. "With that strange couple of of mice, Jaq and Gus, it is a shame..."
"Yes, you're right," the perfect teacher said. "Well, I'll tell you Little Red Riding Hood…"
"Are you kidding me?" A third child exclaimed.
"No... Little Red Riding Hood too?"
"Certainly, teacher, with the wolf who dresses as a woman we really are beyond any limits..."
"Excuse me," the perfect teacher lied, "but I already knew, I just wanted to test you."
So he tried other fables, unfortunately without success.
Thus, after even Pinocchio was refused, because of the carpenter Mister Geppetto who cannot have children and claims to fabricate one, the perfect teacher surrendered. He greeted the children and went to resign.
"Why?" The astonished perfect principal asked.
"Because I have not been able to find a story for those kids..."
Because the stories of everytime and everyone are and never will be perfect.

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