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German killer of refugee boy: the stealer of future

Stories and News No. 806

Germany, the man who had kidnapped Mohamed, the four years old Bosnian child refugee, has confessed. He killed also Elias, a six years old boy, who died in July in the city of Potsdam.

My name is Mohamed and I am four years old.
This is my future. The coming dawn, regardless. And the following sunset, in spite of anything.

That is reminiscent of my past.
There, where everything is still possible.
Drawing the path leading to the top.
The name of the peak does not matter.
Which piece of world it overhangs does not too.
What really counts is that once standing, with flag waving in hand taking a breath and satisfaction, I will not be alone.
The days behind are a few, if you look at them from above.
Anything but sparkling with joy and lightness.
But it was a start.
Somewhere we have to start.
All the scenery at the shot of the starter does not count.
If you are sure to have no chance to finish first does not matter.
What is worth the ticket price is a mystery on the horizon.
Is it enough?

My name is Mohamed and I am four years old.
This was my past.
It reminds me of my very present.
Because despite much has become impossible, the secret of secrets is still intact: much is not everything.
We can still make it, the game of the last ones is not yet over.
Have you ever seen that good luck will defeat normality?
Then, courage, everyone on board of hope boats.
Please, blows the sails, dear optimism.
And push our dreams over the rocks, dear Sea of the unconscious.
Have you ever seen that bad times will lung instead of the usual victims?

I am Mohamed and I was four.
Here is my future.
And rejected on the unnecessary noble pages.
Do not turn around, please.
Stand for a moment and think before you speak.
And do.
Because what remains of the days stolen to me.
It became your future.
And more than ever present...

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