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Proof aliens exist in space of the red dwarf

Stories and News No. 800

I'm not a star and I never desired that.
Despite sometimes I give bursts of light too.
I'm an alien.
I know well and when I forget, there is always someone around the corner.
Ready to make me remember.
I care about it.
I care about to say it.
The whole universe bless the red dwarfs.
I mean the stars, of course.
Even if I do not slight at all the modest height and red hair ladies.
I care about it.
I care about to say that too.
However, it is for one of those giant stars that I am here today, to affect the white of the page.
Anyway, you might call her dwarf, but we are ever talking about a star, not a nobodies asteroid, full of self-importance.
I care about it.
I care about to recall that everything is relative, even for the dwarfs.
Because there is always someone dwarfer than you, once the quark told the atom.
Nevertheless, I forgot the fundamentals: the essential clarifying introduction.
The red dwarf is the star which today newspapers spoke of, the light source that has emptied the plausible answers box of the bigwigs of this world.
The dust raised by Tabetha Boyajian, a researcher at Yale University, once thinned showed on the board this alarming question: how the above star, aka KIC 8462852, standing in the space between the constellations of Cygnus and Lira, 1,481 light-years away from us, could be surrounded by a huge circle of stuff? It would make sense if the dwarf was young, like our sun long time ago, but here we are talking about an elderly lady.
Could it be something... artificial?
Aliens! Yes, there are aliens, I have no doubt.
And you? What are you waiting to leave with your spaceships hunting of extra lives?
I care about it.
I care about to warn you that also Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University, says that.
I would understand if the distrust to focus the magic in the sky with a shaky finger had come only by me.
Who would believe an alien sighting another alien?
But Mr. Wright is a smart guy, I do not know him personally, but he sure is a bespectacled humanoid and with a lot of formulas in the heart to explain.
I do not put his telescope on the risk about a true extraterrestrial presence but at the same time he does not rule out that the above astral cover surrounding the dwarf could have been built.
Built by whom?
Aliens, who else? Newspapers said and scientists are on board, what you need more?
Turn on the rockets and launch yourself in the air, dear human obsessed with different creatures.
Go, quickly.
I care about it.
We all care about it, terrestrial aliens.
To get out of the usual target for a while...

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