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Right Livelihood Award 2015 Gino Strada Nobel in the alternative world

Stories and News No. 793

On 30 November 2015, in Stockholm, for the first time an Italian will be awarded with the Right Livelihood Award, known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, recognition designed to "honor and support those offering practical and exemplary answers to the major challenges of our time".
I am talking about Gino Strada, founder of Emergency.
This and many other things happen in the alternative world...

There is a world, somewhere.
Somewhere that is here, but never quite here.
That is its fault, probably.
Born light and rarefied and equally grown over time.
Or maybe the looks of the most are not accustomed to the lightness or expansion of creation.
Of course, that is not god’s work.
The alternative world should be created by us.
Where us is here, somewhere.
But never sufficiently here.
And that is certainly our fault.
Born lighter and rarefied, we equally went ahead.
Or maybe the others stayed behind.
In the alternate world, somebody gives an alternative Nobel to a doctor who actually works as a doctor.
Anywhere, no ifs, ands, or buts, without compromise.
Crazy thing, right?
Oh, but that's nothing.
In the alternative world we have the alternative Oscar too.
Best actress - because the alternative world always starts with a she - goes to a good school teacher, where school is often everything except good.
The alternative Oscar-winning actor goes to a stubborn migrant.
A man so committed in his role to refuse any type of residence permit even after proving for years to deserve it under current legislation.
Because he believes that residence is one of the prerogatives of existence.
And because he also trusts that permission to live represents an inalienable birthright.
In order to debunk stereotypes about snobbery of the alternative world, there is also the alternative prize to the best soccer player: the alternative Golden Ball.
This year's winner is a Syrian kid who has exceptional dribbling skills to dodge his opponents.
That is, the bombs, friendly or not.
Finally, a special alternative mention for another alternative guy.
The writer Erri De Luca, who in our world is a defendant guilty of pronouncing dangerous words.
While in the alternative world he is just a man with noble courage and commendable consistency.
To always say those blessed, precious and indispensable.
Dangerous words...

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