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Diversity stories: the child and the assistant

Stories and News No. 797

Well, take a look.
Take a look for a moment.
Take a look for a moment and think if today an eleven fifth grade should explain world things to you.
Listen, are you awake or not?
When you decide to tell a story, you should be prepared at least.
Well, look...
Take a look at this news: Rubbles fall in the classroom: "two" - I repeat - "two" children and a teacher injured in the province of Agrigento.
One of them is disabled, this is what the article says.
Meanwhile, here you violate the first consideration for a storyteller who claims to deserve the vast audiences.
Well, take a look.
The title is important, dear sir or lady who, using ink and imagination, throw your vision into the web.
However, incomplete one, since I am the person who have got the true vision.
So, let’s take a look.
To me.
Yes, because I am the only child that was hurt.
How someone specifies further.
Well, take a look.
Just take a look at: Rubbles in school: only one wounded child.
From bad to worse, my dear, since wherever all best in arithmetic, it is the art of harmonizing words and the multiple plots of the latter - commonly grammar, that shows its sin.
Because, believe me: I feel everything except only one child.
Well, take another look.
Take another one look, even better, many of them.
Because also from the pen that at least is not making further lexical mistakes, come out a careless and misleading title: Rubble fall in the classroom, one teacher and a disabled student wounded.
Assistant teacher for the disabled child, the rest of the narrative clarifies.
Dear reporters, why don’t you stop flying grazing, if you decide to take care of our lives?
We are full of stuff down here, south of your myopia.
Come inside, the door is always open.
Just clean the shoes as the heart.
Maybe you'll discover that my friend and me.
We are countless stories.
Immediately below.
A disabled child and an assistant teacher...

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