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Attacks, bombs, death and tragedy: now what?

Stories and News No. 815

The shots thunder stopped.
The blood stained the road.
And the dull human brutality has claimed other victims.
"Now what?" The child asks.
The mother catches the words as a flutter of butterfly on antipodes, the proverbial effect for inferior class earthquakes.
Each atom that makes up the woman is violently stretched out to the exact center of the black hole that just swallowed the love of her life.
Or the other one.
Blessed are those who can easily enjoy the easiest among the remedies to pain.
Indulge it completely.
In order for the river to flow and being able to observe someday its reflections from up there.
Any place that is somehow definable far away.
However, after an unspeakable tragedy, there are some who do not share such good fortune, if we can call it so.
And the loudest call chains them to the ground.
The love that survives.
That will survive.
Only for you.
"What did you say, son?" The woman enquires staring at her bed suddenly become huge.
"What we do now, Mom?"
She finds strength.
Inside herself.
Nothing supernatural.
It's just that they have already taken out everything.
So, looking at the child, with a strenuous effort she manages to retain the right tears.
The holy wrath.
And the human bitterness.
"Dear son, I tell you what we won’t do.
"We won’t give up.
"We won’t remain motionless as a dead in a tomb.
"We won’t let the bombs and bullets decide our future.
"We won’t allow it to erase our past.
"All, without exception, all the memories that bind us to your father.
"For him, for us, for you.
"We’ll go forward, we’ll walk and we will move forward as winners.
"Because we’re still alive.
"Because in addition to life, ours and that of those we love, they cannot take away anything more.
"And most importantly, because we won’t give in, never, hate and fear."

2003, Iraq, dialogue between a child and his mother, one of the many widows among the survivors of more one hundred thousand civilian deaths following the Second Gulf War (2003-2011)

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