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Billionaire buys daughter diamond for $48m: thank me

Stories and News No. 811

"Blue Moon" diamond was bought by Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau for $ 48.5 million, one of the jewels most expensive in history, a gift for his 7 years old daughter.
The stone comes from a mine in South Africa...

Dear girl,
Thank your dad.
Please do it, honor the generous parent.
The value of the gift does not count, as even the banal thought.
The gesture matters.
Not just to donate.
The real magic is in the movement of the hand that brings the present, the frozen head, because eyes are incredibly focused on you, his soul reaching out for yours, the one and only reason for such affection.

Thank him, as I did myself yesterday evening.
Despite today and regardless of tomorrow.
Because the water that he brought me at the end of the day was all I wanted.
All that he would have drunk.
And even more.

Be thankful of this opportunity.
To receive gifts from life.
And who donated you the latter.
Your mother, yes, she.
If the daughter is a priceless jewel, who knows what assessment the father gave to his wife.
Without giving too much importance to that, though.
Because if we could really measure the weight of the creatures that we love in the wonder of the various certificates of affection, how could we demonstrate to love others as much?

Then thank the parents for every moment of silence.
With unadorned boxes and empty packaging as the belly of my sisters.
Waiting for that little.
That my father and will steal from the bad fate.
One day, another hour, a moment more.
Being able to aspire to a minimum.
Between a labored breathing and a wild hope.

Above all.
Thank those who sacrifice for your gift pieces of dreams that will never come true.
But this does not mean that we do not dream the same.
Those who, for your shining eyes before the perfect jewel, burn off, even now, their faiths.
No less perfect.
But this does not mean that it will come true.

So, thank me...

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