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Bridge across the Strait of Messina and other fairy tales

Stories and News No. 809

"The bridge over the Strait of Messina will be made", Italy premier Matteo Renzi said.
I remember I heard same story from mister Berlusconi, a man who in matter of fairy tales had a great imagination.
Well, in the meantime I make my bridges here...

Bridges and roads.
Bridges and roads from a place to another, binding, reducing and saving time and difficulties are a lot.
At least as many as missed wishes multiplied by all the stars that have not yet fallen in the sky of the last people in the world.
You know, here we are in the order of infinity, to say the least.
Bridges and roads.
Bridges and roads from an island to another, binding, reducing and saving loneliness and blunders are many.
But that is not stuff to work on paper.
Damning liver and dignity for money and selling nobility to the first bidder is unnecessary.
For bridges.
For bridges and lives.
Bridges and lives from one continent to another, binding, reducing and saving stumbles and dullness are countless.
The bridge from a skin to another, where a blind man would arrive first for indisputable ability, rather than disability.
And the bridge from head to heart, which should play along.
As the drummer and bassist of a band of perfectionists who threaten death playing the best song.
There is the bridge from personal fears to obtuse selfishness, which should be crashed once and for all.
And the bridge where always the same arrive first?
Is it not time to review the departure order?
Then the billions of bridges where you travel and only you.
Me always me.
And she, nothing but her.
Is not it time to join the streets?
We have too many streets from one future to another binding, reducing and saving wasted present and cumbersome past.
Finally there is one bridge that would be enough for all the others.
From the moment you do or say anything to the next one.
Okay, it must remain, no doubt about it.
However, do not forget the suitcase of humanity.

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