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Moral stories: Loving Armed Forces Day…

Stories and News No. 807

Greetings, my best greetings to you.
There, somewhere.
Sharing hope in a crowded room of lives and needs.
By tapping into what you never had, for yourself.
And that is the true miracle, rather than magical tears rained down from nowhere.

Sincere greetings, really.
Amazons and warriors from the white coat, with that indomitable scalpel and courageous stethoscopes saving from the flames the life that survived.
The gift of not required peace.

Best wishes to you, lonely woman.
The same for you, lonely man.
That despite the world is running in the opposite direction, you turn your back to the finish line and get down, down there.
Where slow existences are breathing with difficulty.
Where there will not be anything to win.
And an honorable defeat will be the best that might happen.
Yet you are there.
Yet you even back there the following year.

Many wishes, all I can, to you.
Eyes and ears that lend themselves to the cries remained on the table.
And the murmurs concealed below the latter.
Mythological creatures who can be so present in the lives of others.
Able to remove yourselves for others.
Available for a copy paste from the uncomfortable side of the world as if it were easy.
Yeah, as if it were easy.
Doing it and being called naive.
And even “gooders”.

Greetings, seriously, every greeting that you never had.
To all of you.
Doctors and nurses, teachers and activists, educators and animators.
Voluntaries or even forced.
By your inability to stop hoping.
Of change the worse story.

Today, November 4, here is your day.
For militaries and the soldiers of any army look elsewhere.
Because on this page I celebrate.
Another kind of Forces Day.
The loving ones…

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