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Paris attacks 2015: the same old story

Stories and News No. 813

There was once a story that repeats itself.
You will see, once again it will.
Because the movie is that, the script is always the same.
That's why the ending does not change.
They call other actors, inventing charming settings and playing with words.
The show will offer every time the same message.
War and peace.
Democracy and terrorism.
The narrator from the highest stage will scream loudly, the soundtrack will be unbearable and you will have to listen.
It works, it is the bestseller product, because it respects the first rule of the storytelling.
The best lie is the one that mixes truth with fiction and so it is for the good story as the bad news.
It's true, the voice does not fails, democracy is under attack, just as peace.
There are no hidden plots, there are not any more, now, if ever there were.
The answers are there, just look, having time to do it.
The difference is all here.
The dead are dead and hurt, those who remain, those who loved and even those who have started doing it only now.
Democracy and peace are in danger at all times but it is exactly the moment when the explosion cloud covers the entire screen that you should begin to worry.
And maybe remind that only yesterday 18 died in Baghdad, Iraq, for an attack.
That on November 12 the updated balance of the double suicide bombing in Beirut was 37 dead and 181 wounded.
And on November 7 in Burundi 198 civilians were killed and 200,000 are on the run.
That the day before in the Central African Republic there have been hundreds of deaths from the civil war.
And on October 25 in South Sudan 80 died after 18 days of conflict, 57 children among the victims.
That on October 24 in Pakistan, a suicide bomber attacked a Shiite procession and caused at least 16 deaths.
And just the day before, Nigeria, 50 died from attacks on two mosques.
That on October 23, in Afghanistan, is 23 death toll the effect of American raid on the hospital of Doctors Without Borders.
And maybe you can as well remember that on October 22, in Sweden, a young Nazi sympathizer killed a teacher and a student.
That on October 17, in Libya, a helicopter was shot down, causing 13 deaths.
And on Oct. 16 in Saudi Arabia 5 died from an attack on the mosque.
If then you will find more time you may also recall that according to the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria there were 250 thousand deaths since the war began, including 74,000 civilians and 41,000 foreigners with 12 million displaced.
That the war in Iraq has caused more than 15 thousand civilian deaths in the last year and a half.
That in the war between Israel and Palestine (as of 2011) there were approximately 1,500 deaths (including 142 minors) for the former and almost 8,000 (including about 1,600 minors) for the latter.
And maybe that migrants died in the Mediterranean, fleeing war and poverty, in 2015 were about 3000 and that only in September 1075 have recovered the bodies of migrants along the Italian coast.
There was once a story that will be repeated.
You are about to watch, since the move is what it is, the plot is always the same.
That's why the final returns.
They can take on new extras, adding special effects and playing with the titles.
The picture will show every time the same design.
Peace and war.
Terrorism and democracy.
The leader with the largest number of followers will shout at breakneck speed, the noise of the screaming crowd will be inevitable and you will have to listen.
It works, it is a viral product, because it has already worked.
A few days of headlines and evenings on TV, ad hoc statements, more or less spontaneous controversies, more restrictive laws and new acts of force, appropriate to vulnerable enemies.
And when everything is back to normal.
Let's return to the table, to speak of gossip, football and reality shows...

Map of the ongoing conflicts in the world updated on 4 November 2015 - Photo by

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