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Stories about life: little ones and monsters

Stories and News No. 812

In Wallenfels, Germany, police found the dead bodies of seven infants in a home. The mother has not been found and is sought...

Seven little children.
The magnificent, potentially.
The samurai, who knows?
And the dwarfs, from a picture book to a 3D movie.
Lives, anyway.
Short, no doubt.
But who said that a story should last a hundred years to be read?
Narrated in the cold nights of coming winter to frighten the children.
Little ones.
Who, often, know more about monsters than adults do.
Well, just one
Normal, potentially.
Creepy, you see now.
And unexpected, from a “good cause” spot to an early evening TV Show.
Still life.
Human, sure.
But who said that a person should have claws and sharp teeth to bite?
And anguishing in a cultured roundtables to frighten the adults.
Yes, adults.
Who, often, know more about monsters than children do.
But they fan pretending all came from fairytales.
Where the hero is always equal to himself, fearless figure with golden hair and crystal eyes.
White clothes, charming at his best.
Prince ready to face the ogre.
Read as well as the black shame that emerges from darkness to steal land and future.
Stories and cults.
Then it happens that the tale slips away from your hands, shattering the monitor and yet another misprint invades the quiet.
Made of moral anesthetics and institutional illusions.
So you see them.
The little ones, alone.
Fighting with the only real monster.
One of us…

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