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Stories about climate change for kids: Borbolakiricokò’s Test

Stories and News No. 819

Once upon a time there was the world climate conference.
Leaders everywhere.
State and Party, overt as tacit appropriately alliances.
Envy big towns and envious small villages.
All leaders.
The last to arrive were them.
The two representatives of the inhabitants of Borbolakiricokò Island, a man and a woman.
"You are not on the list..." The usher informed them at the entrance hall of the elegant meeting room.
"Well, we are not even on the map," the man said, a small tanned guy, almond blue-eyed, blond dreadlocks and purple goatee as Johnny Depp punk version. An ethnic potpourri.
"Nevertheless, the lady next to me is the queen of Borbolakiricokò and we're here because we care about the planet earth."
The usher was about to close the door, when the woman, a tall and large lady, albino tail on the skull polished like a mirror and disproportionate glasses as Elton John in the most excessive concerts, merely cleared her throat.
The man was shaken by a chill that troubled him somewhat.
"P-Please ..." He mumbled intimidated stepping aside.
The two went beyond the threshold, and instead of looking for any plate with their names to sit - impossible given that no one was waiting for them, they began to approach directly every colleagues leaders.
The man said the same preamble to everybody: "The Queen and I come from the Borbolakiricokò Island and we're here because we care about the planet earth."
Then he added: "We are poor and we are looking for someone to entrust the future of the earth."
Then he posed a question: "Suppose I'll give you a book and you knew there is written in the best way to survive in the future. What will you do with it? "
There were those who said they would study deeply the volume so to not repeat the past mistakes.
And who would have allocated billions to realize the great findings in the book.
Who would have print a lot of copies so that everyone could benefit from it.
And who would have made it a blockbuster in 3D.
Because a book can be a bestseller, but a movie may invade the globe, man!
Who strongly disagreed arguing that the web would be the best vehicle to spread the news of salvation.
Because the word viral was born on internet, man!
There were those who intimated the two to lower their voice immediately.
Do you want the Chinese hear this?
Do you want the Russians hear this?
And what about the Americans?
Do you want anyone who does not take earth as we do will hear this?
"But it's just a hypothetical test," the little man replied, "we don’t have any book…”
It was then that many of the alleged leaders began to treat them with condescension and sarcasm.
So, the corpulent queen of Borbolakiricokò and her companion left the climate very sad.
They had reached the port to board their ship, when a voice called to them from behind.
They turned and saw a ten years old child, disheveled and fiery life eyes.
"Sorry... but do you come from the Borbolakiricokò Island?"
"How do you know?"
"Because it was a story that my father told me when I was little. You should be the gruff queen and her small friend. "
"Where's your daddy?"
"He died of lung cancer, he worked in a mine."
The small man looked at the queen for approval and the latter grunted.
With tears in her eyes, she grunted affirmatively.
The same question of the world leaders was said to the child, and he answered: "I would take the book and, without opening it, I would hide in the most valuable place in the world, where it will survive the time."
"Why?" The queen asked before the astonished eyes of the small man. She did not speak from since 1973, when she exclaimed “ouch” having stepped on a weever.
You know, Borbolakiricokò weevers are great like tuna, no jokes.
"Simple," the boy said. "Because so people in the future can be saved."
The Queen and the small man showed a huge smile.
"To you," they said almost in unison.
"Young man, we will leave the earth’s future to you."
Because the best person to entrust the future is the one who will love it more than the past.
And the present too.

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