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Stories of immigrants: when a father let go of son at sea

Stories and News No. 808

Recent news says that off the Greek island of Kos a man had to throw overboard the body of his six year old son to save the rest of his family.

This is the story in brief.
At the same time.
A loud cry and a feeble prayer.
Please, Dad, do not.
Throw me into the sea, Father, so that everything makes sense.
Where there should not be any one.
Where there should be none.
With your own flesh in your hands.
Ready to move without it.
In the arms of that same flesh.
Ready to do without.
Of yourself.
There is a mistake, there must be a serious one in this film.
If not, what writer would have been so blind?
Which director could have to stage such outrage?
Which producer would dare to finance this abomination?
But, more than anything else, what kind of viewers could remain silent on his comfortable chair before a so alien movie?
Yeah, it's all a matter of words, in the final analysis.
Because the protagonists, the different skin or different way of discovering the world, had never been strangers to us, but their story.
Or worse, the end of the latter.
At the same time.
Let me slip between the waves, Dad.
No, father, don’t leave me behind.
A sad whisper and a tragic scream born from the same sentiment.
A desperate and incalculable love for life.
Where you can lose everything.
To reach the goal.
And see you robbed.
Of that survived nothing.
Perhaps the time has come to speak to the projectionist.
And once and for all.
Change the film…

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