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International Migrants Day 2015: Migra Man story

Stories and News No. 827 For the International Migrants Day ... Once upon a time there was the Migrant . Where he was not a normal creature. At best, human . In the world of the story dug with bare hands, directly into the walls carved of fear and stupidity, he was a superhero . And whatever world it was, no superhero exists without super powers. Migra man , if you prefer to call him that way, was not an exception. At least in this, he was not. Like any respectable hero, he had a costume. A recognizable one. A dress covered with unspeakable stories, painted by tears, blood and a secret tint, which made everything special: an irrepressible affection for tomorrow . If you allow, it was invented for all. But we were talking of a super guy, and there is no example of that category who does not really stand for the uniqueness of his powers. The first was fundamental: the power of leaving . At any time and from any place. Any second, it was enough there was at least one on

Star Wars: may the force be with them

Stories and News No. 826 Today a new chapter in the saga of Star Wars debuts on the big screen. Star Wars, a modern fairy tale among the most popular and long-lived. As the true reality of many missed viewers. With anxious hearts and dreamy eyes... We believe. It is all right, all right. We take everything and we do not exclude anything. We cannot do otherwise. No, please, leave home the 3D and all sorts of necessary effect to distort the image as much as you need. To make us believe. Since we believe it even before entering the cinema. Look, we do not go at all, so we save money, of course, and the usual disappointments. Because the movies, especially good ones, have contraindications as the rare happy moments do. There are less and less and last for too little. We believe in each fantastic tale you will tell us. Because we desperately need all that. Every tomorrow and lasting forever. So we will not need to touch the wounds to trust. We do not need any scienti

Calendar 2016 Endangered humans at risk around the world

Stories and News No. 825 I am glad to support and share the initiative of the WWF on the calendar 2016 that with its 12 months shows as many endangered species on the planet. Obviously we are talking about animals. In this regard, I am would also propose a calendar of humans at serious risk of extinction… Once upon a time there was the Calendar of humans at risk . For January here are the ‘stubborn dreamers’. Difficult category, this one, I challenge you to deny it. They are people who are not only suffering from chronic obsession with castles strictly suspended over the void, but also with the irrepressible belief of being able to fill it, that emptiness. With all that may be, anything but fragile and overvalued bricks. Among the solidest, I quote improbable words spoken necessarily in the silence of many and forbidden feelings fanned with a shamelessness that you will fall in love with. First the will irritate you, all right, but then you will space to the heart, admit it.

Stories about life in Italy: Man kills himself

Stories and News No. 824 Following the so-called decree Banks Rescue, a pensioner in Italy lost all his savings, about one hundred thousand euro , and took his own life. Let’s overturn the facts… What a story… Did you see what tragedy it was? It may read in all the papers. I understand, it is likely you have not read it. When I say all , I mean that one . And when I say that one , I am talking about valued stuff. For the smartest, who are not hypnotized by the headlines about football and gossip, that one is the only one . The one who pulls the strings , that moves life from one continent to another and does the same with death , that disguises itself as religion and politics , news and culture , but it is always back there, or rather, down there. His Greed the Finance . Nevertheless, even the wealthy people may cry, right? Well, if the price of tears on the upper floors of the welfare gains relief on the ground one, it is worth groped. After all, choosing to give

Migrant deaths at sea 2015: 700 children

Stories and News No. 823 I read that in 2015 the victims at sea among migrants have been, so far, 3200 , at least double the previous year’s number. 700 children died in the many shipwrecks... I know. I know that my name is Ahmed. I am the new one. Or the possible - that I like the most, 701°. It depends on the deaf wheel dancing around itself. Donating and slicing present and future. But it is not the only accountable. Because I know. I know everything. I already know what you might think. Maybe you will blame the unwary parents who drag their innocent offspring in a one-way trip towards the bottom of the sea. I know. You could also say that all governments are responsible for this. Ours , yours . The middle ones. Leaders who allowed this annoying invasion only able to create unjust guilt to people of good will, until proven otherwise. I also know that you would recall your children. Your people. Your country. I know perfectly that on the free plate of the

Anti gun stories: San Bernardino legal weapons in the land of freedom

Stories and News No. 822 I read just now that each of the four weapons used by those responsible for the massacre in San Bernardino, California, including rifles capable of penetrating a bulletproof vest, were regularly purchased... Once upon a time there was the land of freedom. Much was free. A lot was not. Inevitable, because one would not make sense without the other. It was free to buy weapons. Also asking why a country that considered itself to be civil, peaceful and democratic allows the purchase of weapons, but that was unpopular. In necessarily dark and trembling times. In necessarily dark and trembling times it was obviously free to sell weapons. Near home, preferably away from the latter. Where the echo of gunfire and the screams of the injured is as weak as a blurb on the fourth page on yet another massacre on the opposite side of the heart. It was also free asking how does a land that defines itself civil, peaceful and democratic is enriching by selling wea

Anti war stories: War broke out

Stories and News No. 821 Putin threatens Erdogan who replies supported by Obama , while Cameron says yes to bombs after Merkel told the same Hollande on sending troops. All according to the usual script... War broke out. Let’s run, let’s go to hide. To save us. To take sides. Arguing each other when it is too late. It was just an attack , they say. Yes, I understand, the echo of the explosion is close, it touches us and slowly fills peace on earth to unwillingness men. With no interest to the common horizon, since the smell of blood is unfamiliar. Nevertheless, the goal where the small as well as the great, the opulent and the robbed, the victim and the perpetrator, who lives and the one who just survives, is the same for everybody. War broke out, stop talking. Get a role between courage and cowardice. The only faces of the single coin to buy a place in history. Delete the rest. Delete yourself. Forget have been here, because we will do the same with you. Do not e

Stories about life: all my parts

Stories and News No. 820 Hope, a British baby girl, has lived 74 minutes due to anencephaly. Her twin brother is safe and alive. The parents decided to donate her organs... My name is Hope . Divide me and take everything. Grab what you want. What you yearn. And what you do not ask, ignoring what you miss. Lift me and separate me in seventy-four shares. The first is called possibility , all I could be. And that you still can. The second is called generosity , mine, my parents, the parties that made me complete your life. Indeed, exaggerate, and put on the table also what already complete you, but you never thanked. The third , fourth and fifth call them the three missing children . The son you will have someday, the one you never had, and who is not your son. But he is. Believe me, he does. The sixth and the seventh call them the blind lovers , human dancers fused in a perfect embrace and projected towards each other, though unable to grasp the form and content of the