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Anti gun stories: San Bernardino legal weapons in the land of freedom

Stories and News No. 822

I read just now that each of the four weapons used by those responsible for the massacre in San Bernardino, California, including rifles capable of penetrating a bulletproof vest, were regularly purchased...

Once upon a time there was the land of freedom.
Much was free.
A lot was not.
Inevitable, because one would not make sense without the other.
It was free to buy weapons.
Also asking why a country that considered itself to be civil, peaceful and democratic allows the purchase of weapons, but that was unpopular.
In necessarily dark and trembling times.
In necessarily dark and trembling times it was obviously free to sell weapons.
Near home, preferably away from the latter.
Where the echo of gunfire and the screams of the injured is as weak as a blurb on the fourth page on yet another massacre on the opposite side of the heart.
It was also free asking how does a land that defines itself civil, peaceful and democratic is enriching by selling weapons, but little heard.
We would be talking of another land.
In our land, however, publicly humiliating of the fragile characters in the national show was free.
It was also, at the same time, obsessively favoring the lit area of the stage, where the heaters are good and the couch is perpetually stuffed.
Or, where the privileges are already home, then.
Well, after all, that is the beauty of freedom.
It is like a home.
If you were born there, all right, smile.
Everything will be okay.
We would be talking of those left outside the door.
In the land of freedom robbing citizens for a lifetime was free.
Provided that the furtively hand, with greedy fingers outstretched, was coming from above.
So, it was free to do the same with whole nations for ever and ever.
Provided that they remained silent, with bowed head, beyond the walls made of killing waves and no less cruel bricks.
The land of freedom gave to anyone the right to feed hatred and fear.
To perpetrate discrimination.
And timely sacrificing ebony wool lambs on the worst hypocrisy altar.
Where the guilty has already been exposed several times.
Once upon a time there was the land of freedom.
Where much was free.
And much was not.
Since the one needed the other and vice versa.
Nevertheless, if blessed is the country that does not need heroes, damned is the one who needs terror to remember.
That if you make death free.
Death will make life.

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