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Anti war stories: War broke out

Stories and News No. 821

Putin threatens Erdogan who replies supported by Obama, while Cameron says yes to bombs after Merkel told the same Hollande on sending troops.
All according to the usual script...

War broke out.
Let’s run, let’s go to hide.
To save us.
To take sides.
Arguing each other when it is too late.
It was just an attack, they say.
Yes, I understand, the echo of the explosion is close, it touches us and slowly fills peace on earth to unwillingness men.
With no interest to the common horizon, since the smell of blood is unfamiliar.
Nevertheless, the goal where the small as well as the great, the opulent and the robbed, the victim and the perpetrator, who lives and the one who just survives, is the same for everybody.

War broke out, stop talking.
Get a role between courage and cowardice.
The only faces of the single coin to buy a place in history.
Delete the rest.
Delete yourself.
Forget have been here, because we will do the same with you.
Do not expect understanding, now, for the complexity of any noble thought.
Time does not exist anymore, you do not exist anymore.
As a woman, man.
Dignified life.
The most upright among the scales is now full and the others, as you know, had to sit on the wrong place.

War broke out, if you have not understood.
And who is in the middle will be sliced.
The blind heart plow will proceed undaunted, it will return and forward again, moving from each cardinal point and back.
In order for the massacre to be perfectly fair, as the chaos of the comics giggling clown.
You will look behind with inevitable regret.
And you will suffer being ashamed of you inability to lift your head, figuring a sweet outcome.
Nevertheless, you will lie to someone you love, ensuring happy days with your fragile words.

War broke out, remember?
It has already happened.
Everything has already been written and told.
Painted and depicted with priceless pain and love.
In great details but also personal colorings.
Most of the time suggested by the affection for you.
Man, woman.
Of the future.
Never again, this was engraved at the bottom.
More than just two simple words.

“War broke out,” they said a century ago.
And who knows how many times it happened while we were not noticed.
Now we know, today we already know everything.
Let’s get down to the streets, let’s leave our home.
Let’s go out from ourselves.
And once and for all, loudly, let’s scream together…

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