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Calendar 2016 Endangered humans at risk around the world

Stories and News No. 825

I am glad to support and share the initiative of the WWF on the calendar 2016 that with its 12 months shows as many endangered species on the planet.
Obviously we are talking about animals.
In this regard, I am would also propose a calendar of humans at serious risk of extinction…

Once upon a time there was the Calendar of humans at risk.
For January here are the ‘stubborn dreamers’.
Difficult category, this one, I challenge you to deny it.
They are people who are not only suffering from chronic obsession with castles strictly suspended over the void, but also with the irrepressible belief of being able to fill it, that emptiness. With all that may be, anything but fragile and overvalued bricks. Among the solidest, I quote improbable words spoken necessarily in the silence of many and forbidden feelings fanned with a shamelessness that you will fall in love with. First the will irritate you, all right, but then you will space to the heart, admit it.
For February here are the ‘professional rememberers’.
Again, issue of annoying tough nuts to crack.
Because these people that you spot maybe casually, on the edge of the street, most of the time outside of the adored frame, are eyes that transcribe. Bellies that without fear and discrimination welcome everything.
And, be careful what you do or say, when the time will come, never before, will present their the bill. All that, for sure, you have forgotten.
In March we will celebrate the ‘whimsical irreverent’.
Here we are in the danger zone, I know.
Because you might accuse these persons of not having any hesitation to grab icons and sacred themes, to lift them up just to see as well as to crumble all.
Nevertheless, you cannot deny that there is talent in breaking too.
April will be dedicated to ‘survived infants’.
Here we are in a kind of elite, no doubt.
Such creatures know the miracle of time, the machine that won the latter without any need of superfine technology and science fiction writers with the taste for the other dimensions. Because the reason that goes beyond puberty without losing the tenderness in the scheme of things, any value they have in the aging world, is the only true philosopher's stone.
In May, we will tell about the ‘bearers of novelty’.
That's one of the biggest blunders, today.
They are most often misunderstood and even rejected as identities of little league or the worst enemies of a quiet life.
As if the quiet life was something eternal.
As if the quiet life was happiness and not a weak antidote against its opposite.
June will be the month of the ‘two-faced guests’.
Name that would evoke mythological figures, but would not be so out of place, as they often are treated equally.
Door of always open consciousness to diversity and, at the same time, curiosity poisoned arrows by constantly closed eyes are good words, of course, but that is stuff of fantasy, to be read as fairy tales. Because we are serious people, come on.
July will be the time of ‘shy resistant’.
They are at extreme risk, at all times, especially now.
These are the people who, for a simple set of words - you can call idea, obsession, or even affection for the echo they produce in the soul only pronouncing them, you will find ever on time behind the uncomfortable barricades. But doing so with a discretion that sometimes becomes noisy even for trench fellows.
In August we will remember the ‘misplaced’.
Oh, what guys, these.
I mean, how could we create books and films, theater shows and circus performances, evocative stories which cover an evening and exciting anecdotes to break into hearts no longer uses the spontaneous hugs if there were not them. The wrong people, in the place where you should not have to find them, is still the only way to touch perfection.
In September we will homage the ‘simple souls’.
We would need a good torch to admire them at the very beginning and a strong-powered version to illuminate them in later life.
Individuals who are so invulnerable to common nonsense disguised as indispensability of life to look like fools, rather than save.
October will be for the ‘innate listeners’.
They are finishing fast, I know, and for this reason they burn quickly.
A couple of normal ears that pay full attention to the monologues disguised as dialogue that normally we call communication are at risk torture, even before extinction.
In November we will give space to the ‘collectors of lost causes’.
None of them, nowadays, thanks to all the media, could claim to not have a clear vision of the defeats ahead.
Well, as a kind of artists insensitive to money, they bet everything on the last card in the deck for the pleasure of seeing it play.
Because even the last ones should play.
Finally, here we are in December.
The month of the latest species at risk.
Named, and nevertheless it looks a bit odd, even de facto.
The qualifications, let alone the bank account, the availability of time and possessions do not count at all.
They are what they are and you may see the difference every day.
This is the story of the calendar of humans at risk.
You do not need to save their lives.
It is enough, every now and then, to make them feel not alone...

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