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International Migrants Day 2015: Migra Man story

Stories and News No. 827

For the International Migrants Day...

Once upon a time there was the Migrant.
Where he was not a normal creature.
At best, human.
In the world of the story dug with bare hands, directly into the walls carved of fear and stupidity, he was a superhero.
And whatever world it was, no superhero exists without super powers.
Migra man, if you prefer to call him that way, was not an exception.
At least in this, he was not.
Like any respectable hero, he had a costume.
A recognizable one.
A dress covered with unspeakable stories, painted by tears, blood and a secret tint, which made everything special: an irrepressible affection for tomorrow.
If you allow, it was invented for all.
But we were talking of a super guy, and there is no example of that category who does not really stand for the uniqueness of his powers.
The first was fundamental: the power of leaving.
At any time and from any place.
Any second, it was enough there was at least one on the horizon, and you would have seen him traveling. Migra man, but you could also say Migra woman and Migra kid. Because you're never too young to be a hero.
The second one was equally important: the power of surviving.
This was a defective ability, being honest, because it did not always work.
But this does not mean that the man was not worthy to be celebrated in the most epic storytelling.
Because, you know, the imperfect heroes are the ones who really thrill the crowds.
The third was essential, of course: the power of arriving.
Even here the variability was normal.
The hero would have come, all right.
But all was linked to a host of unforeseen eventualities.
Because even superheroes have to contend with luck and good will of others.
It would be wonderful if everything depended just on personal powers and a passionate desire to use them.
This is the story of Migrants.
Where they are not mere onlookers.
At best, the victim or the aggressor inside the crime scene.
In the land taken away during sleep from those born with a fine caul, even already stretched, they were superheroes.
Dreaming to save themselves.
And the future of all of us…

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