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Stories about life in Italy: Man kills himself

Stories and News No. 824

Following the so-called decree Banks Rescue, a pensioner in Italy lost all his savings, about one hundred thousand euro, and took his own life.
Let’s overturn the facts…

What a story…
Did you see what tragedy it was?
It may read in all the papers.
I understand, it is likely you have not read it.
When I say all, I mean that one.
And when I say that one, I am talking about valued stuff.
For the smartest, who are not hypnotized by the headlines about football and gossip, that one is the only one.
The one who pulls the strings, that moves life from one continent to another and does the same with death, that disguises itself as religion and politics, news and culture, but it is always back there, or rather, down there.
His Greed the Finance.
Nevertheless, even the wealthy people may cry, right?
Well, if the price of tears on the upper floors of the welfare gains relief on the ground one, it is worth groped.
After all, choosing to give up heirs and lineage to join a gang of desperate people who live in the woods, waiting to assault the richest with arrows and sticks to recover due, it is a nice way to become part of history.
They made it a movie as well, think about that.
So, here is the blessed arrow.
For once, exceptional singularity of the rule, is struck from above.
A government decree with a simple name.
Clear and direct.
As a right arrow.
As one of those phrases spoken by heart under the lights for a fee: intervention in favor of citizens, action to protect consumers, on the side of the last ones, to exaggerate, since we are at Christmas.
Let’s suppose that, dissenting all prior, they were miraculously true.
Have you heard that story?
It was in all the papers.
Those that none read, but they are the newspapers.
Other than viral news and first page scoops.
Government had enacted the decree People Rescue, the eyelet.
People at the expense of the banks, the subtitle.
Banks have committed suicide, the title.
What a tragedy, albeit metaphorical.
But if between Robin Hood and King John you decide to make the former a winner, it is normal that Sheriff of Nottingham will fall with the butt on the ground.
On the contrary, what a tragedy.
What a story.
With the usual victims.
And no guilty...

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