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Star Wars: may the force be with them

Stories and News No. 826

Today a new chapter in the saga of Star Wars debuts on the big screen.
Star Wars, a modern fairy tale among the most popular and long-lived.
As the true reality of many missed viewers.
With anxious hearts and dreamy eyes...

We believe.
It is all right, all right.
We take everything and we do not exclude anything.
We cannot do otherwise.
No, please, leave home the 3D and all sorts of necessary effect to distort the image as much as you need.
To make us believe.
Since we believe it even before entering the cinema.
Look, we do not go at all, so we save money, of course, and the usual disappointments.
Because the movies, especially good ones, have contraindications as the rare happy moments do.
There are less and less and last for too little.
We believe in each fantastic tale you will tell us.
Because we desperately need all that.
Every tomorrow and lasting forever.
So we will not need to touch the wounds to trust.
We do not need any scientific and logic explanations for lightsabers that resonate with vehemence in the heat of combat and space ships vanishing on the horizon thanks to the privilege of hyperspace.
Look, say it as big as you want.
Feel free to use mistakes, lapses and poor ideas.
It is OK.
We like anyway.
We already know that we will like to be there.
Despite sitting in the ruins of our present.
Although covered by the rags of survived dignity.
Head raised to the night sky.
We'll be there.
What a wonderful it would be…
If this was all true.
If wars were really just “star” wars…
The rest of us, as you, would finally be just spectators watching from the ground…

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