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Diversity stories: who apologize to?

Stories and News No. 831

Clash of the coaches in Italy during the last minutes of the football match between Napoli and Inter yesterday night. Mancini accuses Sarri of calling him f****o (a very offensive term to say homosexual), while the latter said he after apologized to him...

Let's assume that.
Let's assume, on the contrary, from another angle, in short, from where you want to watch the whole thing, that the slur and all its synonyms is replaced with the word male.
And let’s imagine that we also live in a world where males are the alleged dangerous species.
Imagine being males in that same planet. Although being described as a male, in all possible worlds, at the end of the games does not mean anything.
Nevertheless, follow me.
Imagine finding yourself, since the day you have recognized the male expression as the best approximation of what represents your gender identity, seeing the latter associated to every kind of aberration, mockery, disease and shame.
All minimized, most of the time, with a phrase that has become a sort of discounted refrain: “Am I homophobic? You know, I have a lot of male friends...”
So an unbridled desire comes out to meet them all in a room and ask: “How the f*** are you his friends?”
Now, for a level playing field, I should write something on the second asterisks word in the story, but it would add too much confusion.
Well, the males of this tale, or those who somehow feel evoked by the metaphor, have already suffered too much confusion. A pregnant, dense and disorganized cloud, full of adjectives and slogans, misrepresentations and insults. A nauseating lump, mixed in a lot of semantic manipulations and syntactic exploitations composed by seemingly naive letters.
Blowing the whole thing, even if with a proud chest, is useless.
Hoping that finally the wind will get strong, not only thanks to your breath, is useless
And looking back to the blind side of the room is useless too.
The cloud ungainly screams and undeterred drools. And, despite your efforts, it becomes even bigger, eating well also the rantings of those who, in some way, might close once and for all this humiliating chapter of human narration.
Because, those who really take the weight on their shoulders, belly and heart, are ever and only them.
The males, with all that wicked stuff we use to conjure up next to them.
That's why, among the pathetic duelists, including yet another injury and the usual excuses, I apologize to all of you.
For all the times that with one word, convinced that I had insulted a single person, I actually offended millions...

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