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Diversity stories: true story of the hiding land

Stories and News No. 834

The nude statues of the Capitoline Museums in Rome, Italy have been covered so as not to offend the Iranian president.
Tell me if there is better metaphor for the modern paradox around beauty and all its diversities...

Once upon a time there was the hiding land.
The nude statues, of course, but it is not just a casual event.
So, no one will be entitled to buckle their chest, filling it with false pride to seize yet another opportunity to reject the usual patriotic refrain.
The blanket of fools alarms and anachronistic follies is wide.
Too wide.
Otherwise, we would not talk about the hiding land, but the land that once hid, but then it understood.
Fortunately for all, the land understood and it went on, inside present, even before future.
The hiding land works with daily obstinacy.
It hides normal desires of wonderful creatures and wonderful dreams of normal beings with the same nonchalance.
It hides entire chapters of its past history, but not content, it is careful to keep survived pages. Never to remember, but with the aim of using them to cover with unexpected clumsiness the less likely horizons. Ignoring that the most indomitable souls will fix their gaze right there.
It hides light, a lot of light, all that it could not control, manage, taking the opportunity as a parasite with its personal prey. Otherwise, it would be just a spectator. And the hiding land do not ever give up the main stage even for its children, let alone the light.
It hides eccentric colors and irreverent shapes as if they are horrible monsters. As if they were not what really worth risking eyes and passions.
It hides lives, countless lives, leaving them trapped in the corner behind a giant, old and shabby, dusty and broken blackboard, which could at any moment collapse on them. And that would be sure the most unpardonable of future.
Once upon a time there was the hiding land.
Well, calm down the bastions of the native soil.
It is fair, since it is not limited to the scandalous statues. In fact, it deals with equally senseless shame fragments of memory and colors, shapes and lives, dreams and desires.
Extraordinary or simple they are.
But it is also the most paradoxical of hiders in history.
Because it is the land that hides all that is beautiful…

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