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Diversity stories: what makes us human

Stories and News No. 848 The gay first kiss in public between two Royal Canadian Navy sailors , so many newspapers wrote recently. The first time when … We might as well tell the human passage on this earth, if maybe one day we will be worthy to be part of the overall story. Certainly there are spiders, cobwebs are still sublime art, as well as the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. Therefore, powering ourselves with tolerance for the myriad of meanness and passion for neglected brackets of beauty, let’s recall some of the first times when ... As the first moment when a man has realized that regardless of how much fine he will act as a father, he will never be comparable to a woman. Who is a mother. As the first day when a child has risen straight among the kneel ones and, in spite of silence was the cheapest answer, it asked the very first why . As the first night that a girl went to bed with the promise of getting up the next morning to look straight into the eyes th

If Trump was president here is the story

Stories and News No. 847 Once there was One . Any one, but he was also a different one. Let's say one that had nothing to do with the past. One awoke from a ten-year coma. One that had nothing to do with the present, then, but only with the future. "What’s up?" He asked a passer-by coming from the hospital. "Things are things," the man said coolly. "Well, I see ... I'm sorry, so far I have slept..." "Oh", the man exclaimed. "Here's another one! I thought you had all died out, failed dreamers, gooders with deluded skulls and flabby hearts." "No, look, the fact is that I was in a coma..." The man remained as frozen, like the confused hourglass in the middle of the monitor. "So you don’t know Trump have won." "You mean the at the end Trump has become president of the United States?" "What end ? That was just the beginning and it happened in 2016. The big day was when he became e

Same sex adoption in Italy: if they were right

Stories and News No. 846 At the end of the day it seems that what some had already budgeted is being punctually true. The real point of the same sex marriage in Italy is about adoptions , even if we are dealing with stepchild adoptions . The thing that surprised me is that towards the latter, even among those more or less virtually around me, there is much more hostility than what is openly confessed. So, I want to put myself in their shoes. I want to talk with you, so I speak to you directly. Trying to think as you… Let's say you are right. Let's say that a child adopted by two same sex persons is expected to grow in some way damaged by the parents. Let me see what you see, as you see it. Consequently, I see two persons who live an unnatural relationship, which have outraged the nature and the creator at the same time, mistreating the flesh and the spirit. I see those same persons who are not satisfied by practicing a perverse life, but who even claim to get hold

Live song video A star knows everything

A star knows everything ( words and music by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher – guitar by Roberto Moreschi ) Come with me, travel with me No suitcases, no memory Travel with me, fly with me As it has done so far, the love I have But what it will tell about us, the passing time But what will happen to us, a star knows everything It looks at us and smiles already It is stitching your dreams in a dress That you are wearing since you were born But you don’t know, you don’t know That you will never lose with heart in hands And if you will stop I will stay with you But what it will tell about us, the passing time But what will happen to us, a star knows everything   More on Stories and News: Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner

Dolphin selfie was already dead? If we were all animals

Stories and News No. 845 I just counted at least hundreds of news related to the story of the dolphin used for an alleged selfies in Argentina and all, various orientation and interest, so-called authoritative press and minor ones, independent newspapers and embedded media, unite in the chorus of indignation before the human cruelty. It seems, though, that as evidenced here , here , here , as other international news websites, the dolphins were two and the one shown in the photo was already dead, perhaps because of the excessive heat of the water. Indeed, I also read that Hernan Coria , who has spread the first image, even claims to have done it to raise awareness among about the incident. What strikes me, however, is the total transversal and popular compassion that fast rise thundering where the abuses victims are defenseless dogs, cutest kittens or, as in this case, adorable dolphins. Perhaps, aware of the obvious contradiction, and because desperate times need desperate meas

World press photo contest 2016 winners refugees true story

Stories and News No. 844 Warren Richardson, Australia, won the first prize (Spot News, singles) of the 59th edition of the World press photo with "Hope for a New Life". You may see a man and a child attempting to cross the border between Hungary and Serbia in the night of 28 August 2015, when the infamous wall was not yet finished. Consistent with the famous painting by Magritte, " La Trahison des images " (The treachery of images), a pipe accompanied by the caption "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" (This is not a pipe), here's the true story of the image.. Well, let us start from here: the people in the photo are not the winners. No one is in such great defeats. There are no refugees, no, they are not. Because to have refugees, there should be a shelter waiting for them. Those who offer it. And, at least, those who are ashamed of denying them. There are no survivors. Wait, let us wait, do not delude ourselves. Do not delude them. The jou

Surrogacy law Italy: satirical story

Stories and News No. 843 Unlike Italy, surrogacy is legal in twenty nations, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia and Greece. Meanwhile, the so-called traditional family defenders insist to spread their fear. I suggest a satirical story… My oldest frequenters know about my previous life. Yes, I was a trainer of mouflons. What memories… I miss those goats, I admit. They were stubborn, no doubt, but when you saw them dance together it was a true incredible show. Wait, I have not said? I taught them the hip hop. Now I understand your hilarity and skepticism, that is normal, I'm used to. But hip hop is not born in the seventies in the United States, I understand that this is a new fact, but this what it is. Anyway, we are on stories and news, the border is labile, such as that between the excited mouflon and the possessed Ammotragus lervia. They are not the same thing, you may ask the nymphomaniac goat, if you do not believe me. Nobody invents anything, it is co

Live song video The freedom

The freedom ( words and music by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher – guitar by Roberto Moreschi ) There once was a man who never spoke Watching us from a distance He lost in his hair the eyes of one who Never cries for what was Three meters high or more without complex but With so many dreams in hand He wears a dark blue jacket with a thousand pockets But with no money to look for He writes and will not cry He writes and will not cry He writes and will not cry Freedom is to have nothing but trouble Freedom is to have only trouble The man with a destiny written by a tribe Praying the trees at night He never leaves traces behind when he goes and goes But he is always alive in the memories He has a heart with a birthmark of strawberries and truth That cannot stand the illusion A tic that keeps the time Of when an endless dance will begin He writes and will not cry He writes and will not cry He writes and will not cry Freedom is to have nothing but t

Migrants wall: the man who feared himself

Stories and News No. 842 I read that according to Austrian media also on the Brenner Pass the government is evaluating the possibility of building yet another wall against migrants... There was once a man. One among many. They have already been, you know. If you look back, you see billions. Because we are so many, because we have been many. The man, like so many that there have already been, you know, was feeling tortured day and night by a sneaky terror worse than a snake within. A snake within pretending to be an invincible shield to protect you. The man feared as death itself being invaded… from himself. Obsessed by the most paradoxical of human paranoia, he asked help to a man even crazier than him. Or, perhaps, much, much smarter. I have the remedy for you, buddy, the latter said. Yes, “buddy”. Do you see? All strangers who cannot wait to help you with that problem that pesters you so much ever say to be your “buddy”. Make walls, make walls around, and forget about i

Syria death toll 2016: percentage remained humanity

Stories and News No. 841 I read that the Syrian Centre for Policy Research has recently reported the details of the conflict that is tearing the country. 11.5% of Syrian population killed , the majority of newspapers says... Eleven point five percent . Words matter, in the true sense of the word, this time. They stand up, as the cries of a child left alone for too long. And, for the usual law of gravity of fragile information , fell upon us slowly, in a real paradox, as if it were snowing and no one would notice. Listen. Listen, it would be like saying that eleven point five percent of my family is unhappy. So, let's say we were five , it would mean that concerns only the zero point five hundred seventy-five , or just over half of one of us. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I am, but let’s look at the half-full heart, right? Well, it is like saying that I know everything except the eleven point five per cent of my girlfriend. That is, I know the eighty-eight point five . O

Stories about life: why you are alone

Stories and News No. 840 Another crime reporter was murdered in Mexico. Since 2000 the journalists killed in Veracruz are sixteen , ten in the last five years. Anabel Flores Salazar , from El Sol de Orizaba , leaves two sons, four years and few months old. These words are for them… You are alone. You are alone, now, because your mother has been left alone. You are alone because your mother was fighting to make feel justice less alone. You are alone because there is a void to be filled. And now you are part of it. You are alone because a lone woman is sufficient to fight. You are alone because a lone woman, or a man, is rarely enough to win. You are alone because the vile, you see, is never alone. You are alone because the brave, remember, should never be left alone. You are alone because so the truth is. You are alone because, on the contrary, lies are ever more and more. You are alone because Mom believed in the power of words. And despite what they say, d

The most complicated country in the world

Stories and News No. 839 Once upon a time there was a country. Think of it, draw it in your mind. Let's do it together. Now, take a true fact. Indisputable. Verifiable with the naked eye, such as the ability of a glass of water to relieve the thirst, two plus two equals four, and the country in question is the second oldest in the world and first in Europe . Consider an obvious thing. Trivial. Verifiable by anyone, as the human inescapable need to alternate hours of sleep to wakefulness, the danger to swallow a living scorpion, or the country is the one with the lowest number of graduates in Europe . Imagine a simple argument. Elementary. Demonstrable at any moment, as the frailty of goldfish won at the shooting range, the duplicity of many politicians of every place and time before and after being elected, but also the country above is the one with the lowest number of inhabitants internet connected in Europe, with the most expensive and slower connection . And, i

Diversity stories: Stepchild adoption Italy story

Stories and News No. 838 In Italy, the debate about the “stepchild adoption” – adopting’s possibility for the non-biological parent, extended to homosexual couples, turns on the descent into the field of pediatricians and psychiatrists, the former cons and the latter pros. The discussion continues here... It was just the beginning. The dispute, or, rather, the tennis match . Look, it really fits, you will see. After pediatricians and psychiatrists the plumbers exclaimed: "We are against adoption by same-s. couples, it is against our traditions. As a random example, you will never see a female plumber. There must be a reason, right? " The electricians disagreed vehemently: "We are for equal rights, it's a fair thing, as evidenced by the First Law of Direct Current : whoever you are, any orientation, if you shove your fingers into the socket you will get the shock." In just a few seconds the shoemakers said: "The same-s. adoptions do not facilit

Oldest death row inmate dies: the story in the dust

Stories and News No. 837 After 36 years spent in the so-called death row 72 years old Brandon Jones was killed by lethal injection by the State of Georgia. The oldest detainee died. The story in a sentence, a title, but also a key for giving sense to the rest. A pile of neglected words, grouped in the middle of the room with the broom, ready to board on the only possible way of transport in the unique granted trip. On the shovel to the trash or, at worst, under the carpet. But let's assume that the device jammed. It happens, it happens often and maybe is not a real news, but that does not mean it did not happen. That does not imply you cannot believe it. Let’s assume you had in your hands the same key and with it time and desire to see better that rest. We have to dig through the forgotten dust and read tiny stories. Of a soul who was abused at home, for example. Another story in a few words, other meanings, other keys. Then be brave, let’s advance, door by door, an