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Dolphin selfie was already dead? If we were all animals

Stories and News No. 845

I just counted at least hundreds of news related to the story of the dolphin used for an alleged selfies in Argentina and all, various orientation and interest, so-called authoritative press and minor ones, independent newspapers and embedded media, unite in the chorus of indignation before the human cruelty.
It seems, though, that as evidenced here, here, here, as other international news websites, the dolphins were two and the one shown in the photo was already dead, perhaps because of the excessive heat of the water.
Indeed, I also read that Hernan Coria, who has spread the first image, even claims to have done it to raise awareness among about the incident.
What strikes me, however, is the total transversal and popular compassion that fast rise thundering where the abuses victims are defenseless dogs, cutest kittens or, as in this case, adorable dolphins.
Perhaps, aware of the obvious contradiction, and because desperate times need desperate measures, we might color the truth a little bit.
For a good purpose…

Share, please.
Like it and share the dramatic news. Or story, as you prefer.

Little opossums forced to work in brand stuff factories in the third world, we have evidence, all documented, they come from poor and marginalized families, they are all so young and work up to twelve hours a day for pennies and for what? To allow us to feel good with the latest smartphones and trendy clothes. Poor opossums, we must do something, please, share and do not forget to sign the petition, write to the government and, above all, be indignant as you can.
Wait, that's not all, we are just beginning.
You cannot imagine what you'll see if you look at this picture, believe me, you cannot fail to cry.
Do you really think is normal that two female pheasants who love each other cannot make their nest in peace without some toucan to tell him that it is against nature?
Watch them, see how sweet they are, does not it seem absurd to you? How can they be against nature if they are nature? Come on, save this article, send it to more possible contacts, and more than anything be angry and tomorrow come to the flash mob under the Embassy of Toucans, or as it's called.
I will continue, be brave, I want to ruin myself.
Join us in the fight against the exploitation of the young groupers,
forced to sell their bodies to meet walruses enriched by sea shells and without any empathy. Sign against them and do not forget to follow us on socials, together we can change things for those poor creatures, view the photos, cry with us, get up for the poor battered groupers, this is a shame.
Finally, the icing and then I go, the next market opens in an hour.
It is causing a stir in a few hours... or is viral... and that’s top trends of the day... well, see as you want, but you've got to also speak of
the koala family - who does not like koalas? They are shipwrecked on our coasts, trying to escape the cruelties of red ants and zombies locusts that have invaded their country.
Watch the little brother and sister koala drowned, look, please, take a look.
Watch with that part of you that melts more, we are no longer concerned about what it really is.
No matter what are you really looking at.
What counts, now, is that you have feelings.
For us…

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