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Diversity stories: Stepchild adoption Italy story

Stories and News No. 838

In Italy, the debate about the “stepchild adoption” – adopting’s possibility for the non-biological parent, extended to homosexual couples, turns on the descent into the field of pediatricians and psychiatrists, the former cons and the latter pros.
The discussion continues here...

It was just the beginning.
The dispute, or, rather, the tennis match.
Look, it really fits, you will see.
After pediatricians and psychiatrists the plumbers exclaimed: "We are against adoption by same-s. couples, it is against our traditions. As a random example, you will never see a female plumber. There must be a reason, right? "
The electricians disagreed vehemently: "We are for equal rights, it's a fair thing, as evidenced by the First Law of Direct Current: whoever you are, any orientation, if you shove your fingers into the socket you will get the shock."
In just a few seconds the shoemakers said: "The same-s. adoptions do not facilitate girls’ lives. Because, if they have two fathers, who will teach them to walk in heels?"
The tobacconists did not agree at all: "Two fathers instead of one is ideal, however, because then there will be double bets on football matches." They were of course supported by pay TV owners with sport subscriptions, teams’ owners and all unauthorized parking workers in the vicinity of the stadiums.
One voice came from bakers, butchers, greengrocers and all supermarkets managers: "Two fathers instead of one is the ideal? No way, because everybody knows that men without women do their shopping in a hurry , buying just prepared foods and, above all, they forget the fruits. "
Consequently, the toilets manufacturers replied vigorously: "We stand on the side of same-s. couples, strictly of women. We want to see, then, who will leave the seat up. "
"No to the families of same-s. couples!" Publishers, directors and responsible editors of the magazines ‘He and she’, ‘Wife and Husband’, ‘Males and Females’ and ‘Mom and Dad’ screamed almost in unison.
"Yes to families of same-s. couples!" Publishers, directors and responsible editors of magazines ‘Fathers’, ‘Mothers’ and especially ‘Parents’ replied.
But it did not end at all, because as everyone got courage, really all those who until then had not expressed an opinion, pros or cons.
Among the cons, the Kangaroos trainers: because nature is nature, otherwise we might use the baby carrier as a cell phone holder, gosh.
Among the pros, the roses’ sellers: because traditions are traditions, but what matters at the end of the day, is that someone buys those blessed flowers.
In short, pediatricians vs psychiatrists was just the beginning.
Of the fight.
Or, much more appropriate, the tennis match.
However, as long ago an exhausted young ball boy asked at the end of the longest Wimbledon final: what would the ball say, after having been for days affected in any way, if it were alive?
What would it say if it were a human being?
And if he were a child, like me?

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