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Syria death toll 2016: percentage remained humanity

Stories and News No. 841

I read that the Syrian Centre for Policy Research has recently reported the details of the conflict that is tearing the country.
11.5% of Syrian population killed, the majority of newspapers says...

Eleven point five percent.
Words matter, in the true sense of the word, this time.
They stand up, as the cries of a child left alone for too long.
And, for the usual law of gravity of fragile information, fell upon us slowly, in a real paradox, as if it were snowing and no one would notice.
Listen, it would be like saying that eleven point five percent of my family is unhappy. So, let's say we were five, it would mean that concerns only the zero point five hundred seventy-five, or just over half of one of us.
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe I am, but let’s look at the half-full heart, right?
Well, it is like saying that I know everything except the eleven point five per cent of my girlfriend. That is, I know the eighty-eight point five. Okay, come on, a little mystery is good.
And always on this path, it would be like declaring to remember everything of our past, apart from the eleven point five percent. It would be normal, in short, we are a forgetful, you know, what matters most in life is not to go in red on account and not lose too much hair, my grandfather said.
Continuing according to script, it would be like to be dishonest just at the eleven point five percent. Do not look at me like that, okay? Do the calculation among our politicians, I just want to see what comes out.
And again unsurprisingly, it would be like to assert that we had harmed only to eleven point five percent of people frequented till now.
I know, let's say they were hundred, a normal average for a socially active person, it would be about eleven individuals. Come on, maybe at least half deserved it, and the thing becomes ridiculous.
Anyway, this is all exaggerated.
All this noise about nothing.
We are talking about an eleven point five percent, ladies and gentlemen.
We are talking about a little more than one out of ten.
What are we talking about?
We are talking about four hundred thousand deaths.
Among men, women and children...

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