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Fukushima disaster 5 years on: Look

Stories and News No. 854

Look, they always come, since they are punctual.
They try with earnestly and regularity that smile as a machine. Anything but bare hands and breath.
Look and then tell me if I am wrong.
They have all the ready answers, except for the questions that they did not yet heard, at the sunlight. The treasure they have not got until now.
But give them time and even there they will disembark, with their smart lawyers, legalized loan sharks and all those kind of technicians with the offering signatures.
That’s why you must look behind and remember.

Remember they are always there, they never go away and wait.
They patiently wait for the right moment, the right one to open the bag and lubricate other people's consciences.
It takes just as much, of patience.
It takes more, of strength.
But just a little of awareness, because deception is immense.
Well, the remaining time is not.
They know it perfectly, since they are quick to erase everything and rewrite what they have already tricked several times.
Because they know what to tell and it is a simple language, that a child would not understand, all right, but here the young lives count for little, I hope it is clear.
That’s why you must look around and forget.

Instantly forget their lies, because that is wasted space in memory.
Since the memory is serious stuff, like a home where there is still room to accomodate. You have the choice between real possibilities and ridiculous illusions.
They are good in this, they know how to do, they are prepared and successful, because they sell the same merchandise since the beginning of time: the shortest route between here and now, in exchange for the better of before and after.
So you have to get to know them as much as they know you.
Because the stakes are too great.
And among all the reasons to defend it there will always be one.
If you do not, who will take your place?

So, look, my friends.
Look before you.
That future will depend on what you chose.

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